Manual Grommet Press Machines

Manual grommet press machines are ideal for lower volume users, offering professional grommet results at an affordable price point. Hand press machines are perfect for low-volume grommeting in small offices and print shops. These affordable press models feature unique handle shapes to reduce the force needed and operator fatigue. If you need to switch between sizes, die change-over is fast and simple.

Binding101 offers a wide variety of grommet press machines made of quality components, so your office or print shop can perform grommeting with ease. Browse our selection below and find the best grommet press for your needs.

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  1. ClipsShop CSBUR-1 Grommet Press

    • Reliable and heavy duty machine that does not require any pneumatic or electrical power.
    • Simply operated manually by pulling down the handle.
    • Maximum Grommet Size: #12 [1 1/2"]
    • Throat Depth: 2 3/4"


  2. ClipsShop CSTON-1 Stroking Grommet Press

    • Stroking feature takes the effort to press the handle down through your material to a whole new level of simple.
    • Very popular choice for many industries including sign shops, marine and nautical operations, military textiles, leather and more.
    • Adjustable to cater to a huge variety of materials and thicknesses.
    • Throat Depth: 5 1/2"


  3. Mano Grommet Press for Plastic Grommets (with Free Die & Grommets)

    • Ideal for crafters, upholstery companies, sign makers, and more.
    • Operation: Manual
    • Minimum Grommet Size: #1 [5/16"]
    • Maximum Grommet Size: #4 [1/2"]


3 Items

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