CSPIC-2 Grommet Dies

Pair these ClipsShop grommeting dies with your CSPIC-2 grommet press machine. Choose from self-piercing or hole cutting and grommet setting, available in sizes from #XX00 1/8" up to #12 1.5". The self-piercing grommet dies take a traditional two-step process, consisting of hole cutting and grommet setting separately, and eliminate half the time by combining them so you can quickly and conveniently punch the hole and set the grommet in one-step. Just pair with our genuine brass grommets in the same size for a complete solution. We also offer hole cutting and die setting sets for tougher-to-grommet materials. With these cutter and attacher grommet dies you have two options to complete the grommet process. Option one is to purchase two grommet presses, installing the cutting die into one and the setting die into the other.

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