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38" x 100' Pressure Sensitive / Thermal Mounting Adhesive (1 Roll) Item#80MPS12381

Item #: 80MPS12381

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Double sided mounting adhesive rolls feature a pressure sensitive adhesive (also called cold adhesive) on one side with a liner and a thermal adhesive (heat activated adhesive) on the other side, so you can mount your prints, posters, signs and more using your thermal laminating machine. This special mount adhesive roll is used on the back side of a print along with thermal laminating on the front, creating an encapsulated "decal" print with a pressure sensitive adhesive on the back side that can be applied to windows, walls and other non-porous surfaces. The special mounting film makes creating custom decals and stickers a simple process. When finished laminating, just peel off the release liner and mount the print to any foam board or other smooth surface. Start creating your own, buy pressure sensitive / thermal mounting adhesive rolls online today.

Qty/Pack : 1 Roll

Product Description

Pressure Sensitive / Thermal Mounting Adhesives are referred to by many different brand names including: Artic Thermal Mount, Octiva Cold Mount White, Optistick, and Mounting Laminating film. These products have a thermal adhesive on one side and a pressure sensitive adhesive with a liner on the other. These films can save a great deal of time, money and storage space.  Allows the shipping and storage of "mounting ready" rolled or flat graphics. Can be used for encapsulated and flush trimmed graphics.


Item # 80MPS12381
Manufacturer Graphic Laminating®
Manufacturer Part Number fp12p-c3-38-100
Quantity 1 Roll
Size 38" x 100'
Color Clear
Shipping Weight (lbs) 16

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