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Pressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesive Sheets (Pack of 25)


Mounting adhesive sheets are made with a pressure sensitive adhesive that is sticky to the touch, so there is no heat required to make the adhesive stick, making them extremely user friendly and cost effective, as they don't require any investment into machinery. Also called cold adhesive, these general purpose mount sheets are made with a high quality, 3 mil acrylic adhesive that work well with mounting boards of many kinds, including standard foam boards, masonite boards, gator boards, corrugated boards, and more. It is a pH neutral adhesive that won't yellow and works well for indoor and temporary outdoor prints. Our double sided mounting adhesive sheets let you mount prints and photos to boards with ease by just peeling the liner and applying it to your items. The liners are made of silicone, and are easy to peel off smoothly. Ready to mount prints? Buy pressure sensitive mounting adhesive sheets online today. They are packaged with 25 sheets per box.

Product Name Price Qty
Pressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesive Sheets [8 ½" x 11"] (25/Bx) Item#80PSMAS81211
Pressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesive Sheets [11" x 17"] (25/Bx) Item#80PSMAS1117
Pressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesive Sheets [18" x 24"] (25/Bx) Item#80AG970023
Pressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesive Sheets [20" x 26"] (25/Bx) Item#80AG500021
Pressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesive Sheets [24" x 36"] (25/Bx) Item#80PSMAS2436
Pressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesive Sheets [32" x 40"] (25/Bx) Item#80AG500023

Cold Mount Adhesive FAQs

Q: My print is larger than your largest size adhesive...will it still work?
For a proper seal you need the adhesive to cover your entire print surface, edge to edge. If we don't have the exact size you need, you can simply cut it to size or add additional sheets to cover the entire size.


Q: How can I achieve the smoothest, most professional finish?
When applying your print you want to apply gradually increased pressure from the center, out, and then from corner to corner and edge to edge. If you are working with larger prints, you can use a brayer hand roller.


Product Description


General purpose pressure sensitive mounting sheets are a popular solution for anyone who doesn't want to invest in expensive equipment to achieve high-quality mounting. The two sided adhesive sheets are sticky to the touch and feature easy-to-remove silicon liners on both sides, so all you have to do is peel the liners one at a time and place the adhesive on your items. Also called cold mounting adhesive, this pH neutral adhesive won't yellow your items. It is a 3 mil thick acrylic adhesive that features a premium make-up to work well for both indoor and outdoor applications. Because these adhesive sheets don't require any heat or machines to work, you can simply peel one liner and place it to your mounting board, then peel the other liner and apply your print. It is fast and simple enough to be done by anyone. You can buy pressure sensitive mounting adhesive sheets online at Binding101 in several sizes from 8 ½" x 11" up to 32" x 40". For larger applications you can simply use multiple sheets.


Manufacturer Stover Graphics
Manufacturer Part Number MOUNTADHSHEET GRP
Certifications Acid-Free [Non-Yellowing]
Quantity 25 Pieces
Color Clear
Product Type Adhesive Sheets
Adhesive Type Permanent

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