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40" x 60" MountCor® Pouch Boards [White, Matte Laminate] (10/Bx) Item#80MCPBW4060M

Item #: 80MCPBW4060M

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When you buy 40" x 60" MountCor® pouch boards online, you are receiving the highest quality pouch mounting boards on the market. They are made of a 3/16" standard foam core board, however, have all the unique, premium features that are only available on MountCor®. These include pin hole puncture holes throughout the adhesive board surface, which work together to create air flow that lends to a bubble-free and extremely smooth finish. The adhesive on these boards is low-temp (250° F), pH neutral, acid-free, and permanent, bonding with even the most difficult materials, such as canvas. They are compatible with any heated heated roll laminator or mounting machine that can handle the 3/16" thickness. These features make MountCor® pouch mounting boards particularly suited for photo studios, print shops, and anywhere else that needs to create professional and premium-quality mounted/laminated prints. Mount and laminate in one step with unmatched quality with 40" x 60" MountCor® pouch boards, packaged with 10 boards per box.

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Qty/Pack : 10 Boards / Box

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Product Description

These Gilman Brothers MountCor® white pouch mounting boards are 40" x 60" x 3/16" thick. They will mount your print to a board, and laminate it with a soft matte finish, in just one simple step. Whether you are using a heated mounting machine or roll laminator that is capable of mounting, the process is the same: insert your print between the board and laminate, and run it through yout machine with the sealed-edge first. It is that simple to make professional-quality mounted prints.

Unlike standard pouch boards, these unique MountCor® boards have many premier features that make them a great choice for print and copy shops, photo studios, and graphic professionals of all kinds. Boards are packaged with 10 per box, and are also available in several other sizes.

MountCor® Features:
   • Pin-Holes on Board Surface: These tiny holes throughout the board create air flow that facilitates a smooth finish with no air bubbles. They also protect the board from bowing or bending in heat.
   • Permanen, Low Temp, pH Neutral, Acid-Free Adhesive: The adhesive is permanent and will bond well to even hard-to-mount materials. It activates at about 250° F, so is safe for many heat-sensitive materials, including all digital medias. It is also pH neutral and acid-free, so it is safe to use with sensitive prints and won't deteriorate them over time.
   • Many Compatible Machines: 3/16" thick boards are compatible with a huge variety of heated laminating or mounting machines, as long as they can handle mounting boards of that thickness.


Item # 80MCPBW4060M
Manufacturer Gilman Brothers
Manufacturer Part Number V40W-MC
Quantity 10 Boards / Box
Compatible Equipment Heated Mounting / Laminating Machines
Material Foam Board
Product Type Heat Activated Adhesive Boards
Board Type MountCor
Board Color White
Board Size 40" x 60" [3/16" Thick] (10 Pack)
Adhesive Coating Low-Temp Heat Activated
Adhesive Location 1-Side Adhesive
Laminate Finish Matte
Board Thickness 3/16"
Shipping Information This item ships via Truck (Common Carrier). Free dock to dock truck shipping is available for qualifying orders. It is the responsibility of the Consignee (receiver) to remove the product from the truck. If you do not have a loading dock or any other means to lift the freight off the truck and/or you need assistance bringing the product inside of your location please call (866) 537-2244. Click here for full details.

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