24" x 36" White MountCor Foam Boards (25/Bx) Item#80MCBW3162436
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24" x 36" White MountCor Foam Boards (25/Bx) Item#80MCBW3162436

Item #: 80MCBW3162436
Brand: MountCor
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  • Features tiny pin holes throughout the surface, which lend to a smoother finish with zero air bubbles
  • Low Temp Heat Activated Permanent Adhesive
  • 3/16" thick foam board.
  • Adhesive: Heat Activated (130°F)
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24" x 36" Black MountCor Foam Boards (25/Bx) Item#80MCB3162436 80MCB3162436
32" x 40" White MountCor Foam Boards (25/Bx) Item#80MCBW3163240 80MCBW3163240
40" x 60" White MountCor Foam Boards (10/Bx) Item#80MCBW3164060 80MCBW3164060


MountCor® foam board is a unique kind of mounting board that features tiny pin holes throughout the surface, which lend to a smoother finish with zero air bubbles. The adhesive on these mounting boards is heat activated, but will adhere at a lower temperature than most other heated boards, at just 130° F. The adhesive is acid-free, pH neutral, and permanent, even when mounting to canvas prints. A non-stick cover sheet will prevent any heat issues during transportation, protecting the board and adhesive from melting in hot trucks or warehouses, and features gridlines for easy print alignment. MountCor boards come in many sizes from 24" x 36" up to 40" x 60", all a rigid 3/16" thickness that resists bowing/bending when the temperature fluctuates. The surface cuts smoothly with any standard foam board cutter, and is compatible with nearly any mounting-capable roll laminating machine.
  • Board Type: MountCor Foam Board
  • Adhesive: Heat Activated (130°F Low Temp Thermal)
  • Colors: White
  • Sizes: 24" x 36"
  • Thickness: 3/16"
  • Qty: 25/Bx


Item # 80MCBW3162436
Manufacturer Gilman Brothers
Manufacturer Part Number 940009-MC
Quantity 25/Bx
Compatible Equipment Select Heated Mounting-Capable Laminators
Material Foam Board
Product Type Heat Activated Adhesive Boards
Board Type MountCor
Adhesive Coating Low-Temp Heat Activated
Adhesive Location 1-Side Adhesive
Board Thickness 3/16"
Shipping Information Boards up to 32" x 40" ship via UPS
Larger sizes ship via Truck (Common Carrier). It is the responsibility of the Consignee (receiver) to remove the product from the truck. If you do not have a loading dock or any other means to lift the freight off the truck and/or you need assistance bringing the product inside of your location please call (866) 537-2244. Click here for full details.


MountCor is a unique, and highly versatile heat activated mount board that not only activates at a low 130° temperature, but also offers a bubble-free finish and extremely strong hold to print materials traditional HAM boards cannot handle, including canvas. The bond created is permanent with the acid-free and pH neutral adhesive that will prevent damage to your print. These rigid foam boards are 3/16" thick like traditional mounting boards, however, resist bowing and bending when the temperature fluctuates. The adhesive also has a non-stick cover sheet on it that will protect it from melting when stored in a warehouse or when on a shipping truck. This release liner also has a grid printed on it, which makes it easy to align your prints for a perfectly straight finish.

The most unique feature of MountCor low temperature boards are the tiny pin holes throughout the surface. These tiny holes make the board breathable, and will completely eliminate the bubbles that can occur with standard heat activated boards, creating the smoothest results for the most professionally finished mounted print. This special air release technology combined with a completely non-textured adhesive means that your final print will have absolutely no pattern or bumps on it.

Key Features:

    • Air-release pinholes in the surface of the board ensures bubble-free mounting
    • Low 130°F activation temperature
    • Permanent bond adhesive offering no edge-lift when removes from press
    • Safe for ALL digital imagery, even heat-sensitive items
    • Gridded liner for easy and accurate alignment of prints
    • Available in many sizes, and white and black
    • Synthetic papers and substrates
    • Polyester encapsulated charts and maps

Ideal Applications:

    • All digital printing
    • Toner copiers, laser, plotters
    • Water borne, solvent, UV and latex inkjet
    • Posters and prints
    • Resin coated and digital photo papers
    • Synthetic papers and substrates
    • Polyester encapsulated charts and maps

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Will a hair dryer work on the Mountcor boards?
Asked by Julie
A hair dryer likely won't do the trick as they may not get hot enough. Unofficially, however, we have customers who have used an iron (without steam) and reported success. Hope this helps!
Answer by Binding101

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