Standard Format Laminators

Our line of best-in-class standard format roll laminators offer quick lamination, simple operation, and professional quality results. They are available in a selection of sizes from 12 to 27 inches wide to handle any of your documents from letter size to large signs or posters. Our roll laminating machines are available in several models, from school laminators with simple controls and a low price point, up to more professional units for fast, all-day output.

These systems can be paired with our premium laminating film rolls to produce beautiful, bubble and milky-free lamination for an enormous variety of applications. We are proudly partnered with the best brand names in the industry, offering premium quality laminate machines from GBC, DryLam, Tamerica, Pro-Lam, D&K Group, Royal Sovereign, Fujipla, and ArtGrafix. These partnerships are backed with a strong foundation of nearly 90 years in the industry, making Binding101 the best place to buy a roll laminating machine online.

Whether you are a school looking to laminate for student projects and on-site signage, or a large print shop looking to provide a huge variety of lamination styles for your clients, you are sure to find the perfect roll laminator from our collection below. Browse the options and please give us a call at (866) 537-2244 if you have any questions or need help choosing the best option for your individual needs.

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Standard Format (Up to 27" Wide)

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  1. GBC Foton 30 Automatic Pouch-Free Laminator with Feeder and Trimmer and Film Cartridges

    • Continuous, automated laminating
    • Easy cartridge change-out (pouch-free)
    • 98% faster than manual-load pouch laminators
    • Automatic trimming

    Starting at: $44.99

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  2. Drylam Fujipla 25" Desk Top Roll Laminator

    • Speed: 3 ft. / min.
    • Warm-Up Time: 5 min. (approx)
    • Temperature Range: Adjustable 194
    • Maximum Mil Thickness: 3.0 mil


  3. GBC Pinnacle 27 EZ Load School Thermal Roll Laminator - 1701720EZ

    • EZ Load technology eliminates film loading errors.
    • Fast warm-up time of 8-10 minutes
    • Laminates at 10 feet per minute
    • Built in trimmer lets you quickly cut laminated documents from the roll.


  4. GBC Ultima 65 B EZload 27" School Roll Laminator

    • Speed: 10' / Min (Feet per Minute)
    • Warm-Up Time: 10 Minutes
    • Maximum Mil Thickness: 3 Mil
    • Core Size: 1" Core


  5. 12" Pro Lam PL-1200HP Pocket Rocket Roll Laminator with Stand

    • 18 Feet / Minute Maximum Speed
    • Max Laminate Width: 12"
    • Capable of Thermal, Digital (Low Temp), & Cold Laminating
    • Capable of One-Side and Two-Side Laminating


  6. GBC Pinnacle 27 School Thermal Roll Laminator - 1701700A

    • Fast warm-up time of 8-10 minutes
    • Uses Nap I and Nap II roll films up to 3.0 mil thick
    • 27” maximum laminating width
    • Laminates at 10 feet per minute


  7. Pro-Lam PL227HP 27" Roll Laminator with Stand

    • Hot & Cold Laminating-Capable (Thermal & Pressure Sensitive)
    • Max Laminate Width: 27"
    • Single & Double Side Laminating-Capable
    • Variable Speed & Heat Settings


7 Items

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