UV Protected Laminating Pouches

UV protective laminating pouches are ideal for store fronts where the laminate may be exposed to the sun, such as for signs. They feature special UV inhibitors that protect against pre-mature fading from the sun. This helps to keep your ink as vibrant as it was when first laminated, for as long as possible.

These particular UVI lamination pouches also happen to be low-temp, activating at about 185° F, allowing you to use them for heat-sensitive papers and inks, such and digital prints, Inkjet, and more. Just pair them with your pouch laminator to start producing beautifully finished lamination prints today.

Choose from two kinds of laminating pouches with UV protection: standard, featuring glossy clear front and backs, or black-back, that feature a clear gloss front and a solid black back to create a border around your print. Standard UVI pouches are 5 mil thick, and the black backs are actually 15 mil thick total, with a 10 mil back and 5 mil front. They have a glossy finish to help enhance color and contrast for a truly vibrant view of your documentation, photo, or print.

No matter your choice, both of these platinum lam UV protective lamination pouches were specially designed for the digital market. They are specially engineered with UV inhibitors and light-fast technology that reduces graphic fade and protects against moisture. The Platinum-Lam adhesive enhances clarity and helps to preserve inks that may deteriorate at higher temperatures.

Protect your documents against moisture, handling, bending, and abrasion with UV safe laminating pouches. Browse the selection below and give us a call at (866) 537-2244 if you need help along the way.

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