Matte Laminating Pouches

With our beautiful matte laminating pouches, you can achieve the same guaranteed protection from the elements, with a softer finish that eliminates harsh glares. These lamination sleeves are encapsulating, completely covering your document with an added border on each side, so they offer the most protection against spills, tears, bends, and other damage. This also means that they can easily be cleaned or sanitized as often as you need, which is great for preventing the spread of illnesses and viruses.

Choose from two options: a matte/matte pouch that is soft matte on both sides, or a matte/gloss pouch that is matte on one side, and glossy on the other. Both options are more easily legible when used outdoors and in other situations where harsh lighting could cause a glare, as the contrast of the finish is softened so you can easily see your page. The relaxed finish does not affect the vibrancy of your text and images, though, so they still look as clean as crisp as possible.

We stock a limited selection of sizes for these matte style encapsulating pouches, offering the most popular sizes, which include: letter size, menu size, and some large format sizes up to 25” x 37”. Thicknesses available depend on the size, but the range includes 3 mil, 5 mil, and 10 mil. This variety means you can choose from very flexible (but still protective) sheets, to a much more rigid finish for stability and strength.

Our selection of matted laminating sleeves are all thermal pouches, which means that they can be paired with a pouch laminator to work; the heat from the equipment is what activates the adhesive and forms the seal. Both inner sides of the pouch are fully covered with an even coat of adhesive, so you get the ultimate seal and clean-finish protection from end-to-end. Just place your print inside the pouch, centered as you like, and then run it through your laminator with the pre-sealed edge first. On the other end you achieve a beautifully vivid laminated document with top-quality protection. Although results will always vary depending on the specific machine you use, the outcomes achieved from our premium-quality pouch sheets is unmatched, especially for the price.

Need some guidance in choosing the best matted laminating pouches for your needs? Give us a call at (866) 537-2244 for one-on-one assistance. And don’t forget to add some affordable pouch carriers to protect your laminator from adhesive runoff and help ensure a perfectly clean finish.

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Matte Pouches
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  1. 9" x 11 ½" Letter Size Matte/Matte Laminating Pouches (Box of 100)

    • Pouch Size: 9" x 11-1/2"
    • Insert Size: Letter Size (8-1/2" x 11")
    • Thickness: 5 Mil or 10 Mil
    • Qty. 100 / Box

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