Large Format Laminating Pouches

Large format laminating pouches are extra large encapsulating pouches that are perfect for the graphic industry. They are popular in print shops for shorter fun jobs, as well as for corporations that want to laminate larger signs for display in their offices. These huge lamination sleeves completely encapsulate your print, creating a water-tight seal from end to end. This means that not only do you get the protection from tears, bends, and scratches, but you can also easily clean and sanitize your laminated prints to help prevent the spread of illness and viruses amongst your staff.

These extra large laminating pouches are perfect for big prints, like maps, school graphics, information and promotional signs, roll-up applications, and much more. They come in either 18” x 24”, 25” x 37”, or 37” x 49” sizes, and a high gloss or a matte/gloss finish. The glossy finish offers a high-contrast sheen, while the softer matte option reduces glare for a smoother look. Both options are just as crystal clear when it comes to legibility, but the various finishes exude a different final look.

Wide format laminating pouches are also low temperature with an adhesive activation between just 160° – 200° Fahrenheit. This makes them safe for use with heat-sensitive prints, such as digitally printed and ink jet media. This allows for a wider variety of applications, so you don’t have to turn away jobs that would be damaged by high heat. Just pair them with your wide format laminator machine.

Whatever your wide format application, these premium-quality pouch sheets are a great fit. Browse the selection of top-quality pouches below, or give us a call at (866) 537-2244 if you need help choosing.

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