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Keencut Heavy Duty 0.080 Blades (100/Pk) Item#05KCHDBLADE


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These heavy duty Keencut blades are compatible with a variety of Keencut cutters, listed in a convenient chart below. These blades are considered superior quality 0.080 blades and are packaged in a box with 100. Replacing the blades in your cutter is the least expensive way to ensure accuracy as well as reduce the wear on your machine that comes from using a dull blade and having to apply more pressure to cut. A sharp blade will produce a clean and square cut, every time. Buy #69119 replacement blades for your Keencut cutters online today.

Compatible Keencut Cutters:
    •  SteekTraK Vertical Cutters
    •  Excalibur 1000X and Excalibur 5000 Vertical Cutters
    •  Flexo and Flexo Futura
    •  Ultimat Gold and Ultimat Futura Mat Board Cutters
    •  Artist Plus Mat Board Cutters
    •  Sabre and Sabre-2 Rotary Trimmers
    •  Evolution and Evolution E2 Precision Cutters
    •  Javelin, Javelin Xtra, Javelin-2, and Javelin Integra Series 2 Precision Trimmers
    •  Practik Precision Cutter Bars
    •  Simplex Precision Cutter Bars
    •  Max Cutter Bars

Qty/Pack : 100 Blades

Product Description

You can buy replacement blades for your Keencut cutters online. These OEM blades are the official Keencut brand, ensuring the highest quality and longevity, as well as perfect compatibility. Replacing the blade in your cutter is the least expensive and easiest way to achieve a perfectly clean and square cut, while also reducing the wear and tear that is caused by using dull blades. Sold in a package of 100 blades, Keencut heavy duty utility blades are considered superior quality 0.080 blades and are compatible with a huge variety of Keencut cutters including precision cutting bars, mat board cutters, mounting board cutters, and more. For a full list of compatible Keencut cutters, take a look at the chart below.

 Compatible Keencut Cutters:


SteelTraK Vertical Cutters    
    SteekTraK Vertical Cutters    


Excalibur 1000X & 5000 Vertical Cutters    
    Excalibur 1000X Vertical Cutter    
    Excalibur 5000 Vertical Cutter    


Flexo Futura Plate Cutters    
    Flexo Futura Plate Cutters    


Ultimat Mat Board Cutters    
    Ultimat Gold Mat Board Cutter    
    Ultimat Future Mat Board Cutter    
    Artist Plus Mat Board Cutters    


Sabre-2 Cutters    
    Sabre-2 Rotary Cutters    


Evolution E2 Cutters    
    Evolution E2 Precision Cutters    


Javelin-Integra Series 2 Trimmers    
    Javelin Precision Trimmers    
    Javelin Xtra Precision Trimmers    
    Javelin-2 Precision Trimmers    
    Javelin Integra Series 2 Precision Trimmers    


Practik Precision Cutter Bars    
    Practik Precision Cutter Bars    


Keencut Simplex Precision Cutter Bars    
    Simplex Precision Cutter Bars    


Keencut Max Cutter Bars    
    Max Cutter Bars    


Manufacturer Keencut
Manufacturer Part Number 69119
Quantity 100 Blades
Size Heavy Duty Utility
Compatible Equipment SteekTraK
Excalibur 1000X and Excalibur 5000
Flexo and Flexo Futura
Ultimat Gold and Ultimat Futura
Artist Plus
Sabre and Sabre-2
Evolution & Evolution E2
Javelin, Javelin Xtra, Javelin-2, & Javelin Integra Series 2
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1

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