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SpeedyLam 330R 13" Pouch Laminator

Item #: 04LAM330R10

As the top-of-the-line pouch laminator, the SpeedyLam is the highest quality machine in it's class, and offers an unmatched lamination speed up to 12' per minute, which amounts to 124" per minute...most pouch laminators run around at just 30" per minute, so the SpeedLam smashes the competition. It has a 13" wide feed opening, so easily handles the most popular laminating pouch sizes, and features eight rollers to offer even heating and cooling, as well as lending to the speed, to create a professional and clear finish without any milky edges or bubbles. The adjustable temperature from 0° - 160° also helps you achieve the perfect lamination, as well as allows you to use cold laminating pouches for sensitive documents. A patented cooling system keeps the exterior of the laminator cool to the touch even when doing high volume production runs. These features, along with an easy-to-use control panel, ensure premium results for a huge variety of applications, including even photos, inkjet prints and color copies. The wider feed opening allows for up to specialized 14 mil thick pouches, so can easily work with the most common thicknesses including 3 mil, 5 mil, 7 mil and 10 mil. Buy the SpeedyLam 330R 13" pouch laminator online, and add the highest-quality and fastest pouch laminating machine to your office or print shop today.


Product Description


The SpeedyLam 330R10 by is a 13" pouch laminator, considered the fastest pouch laminator available! The SpeedyLam will laminate up to 12' per minute, allowing letter sized laminating pouches to be run every 5 seconds. This innovative laminator features 6 heated rollers, 2 cooling rollers, and 2 outlet rollers. These features ensure high quality results even on difficult to laminate items such as photos, inkjet prints, and color copies. The patented cooling system keeps the exterior of the laminator cool to the touch even when doing high volume production runs. The SpeedyLam 330R cool down cycle is easily activated by pressing and holding the power button. The cooling fans will continue to run until the machine has reached the correct shut down temperature. When the system is cooled it will automatically shut itself off, thus preventing damage to the heated rollers.


Item # 04LAM330R10
Manufacturer James Burn USA [JBUSA]
Manufacturer Part Number 330R
Operating Method Electric
Power Voltage 1500 W
Speed 12 Feet / Minute (144") [Adjustable]
Dimensions 21" W x 13 ¾" D x 6 ¼" H
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited [Parts], 90 Day Limited [Labor]
Size 13"
Heating Type Roller [10 Rollers: 6 Heated, 2 Cooling, 2 Outlet]
Warm-Up Time 5 Minutes
Maximum Mil Thickness 14 Mil
Temperature Range 0° - 160° [Adjustable]
Maximum Width 13" Wide
Adjustable Temp Yes
Reverse Function Yes
Shipping Weight (lbs) 55

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