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Imperial 18 ½" Replacement Blades

Item #: 05JYIM37940-GRP

Imperial 18 ½" Replacement Blades + Cutter Knives

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Imperial 18 ½" Replacement Blade [Standard Inlay, 22.48" x 2.755" x 0.234", 5 Holes (M10)] Item#05JYIM37940


Keep your Imperial 18 ½" cutting machine performing at peak performance with a new replacement blade. These cutter knives are 22.48" x 2.755" x 0.234" and feature five M10 holes*. They are available in two different compositions. The standard inlay steel (INL) blade is made of the ideal blend of both strength and price with 50% high alloy steel and 50% standard grade steel. The high speed steel (HSS) blade is built for strength, extended blade-life, and precision with 50% high speed steel that contains tungsten, and 50% standard grade steel. Both options are Diamond Cut® replacement blades, which are built to not just meet, but to exceed OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications. Imperial Cutters (Embassy International / Grafitec International / Uchida) are high-quality paper cutting machines but if you are using a dull blade, you are not only producing poor-quality output, but could be causing undue wear to the machine itself. Don't let this happen to you; buy a new Imperial 18 ½" replacement blade online today.