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Holographic Foil Fusing Rolls (Price per Roll)


Holographic Toner Reactive Foil Fusing Rolls
Transparent Foil vs. Silver Foil Underlay
Holographic Foil Roll Color Swatch | Binding101
Close-Up of Holographic Foils
Holographic Toner Reactive Foil Fusing Rolls
Holographic Toner Reactive Foil Fusing Rolls
Mirage Toner Foil + Foil Fusing
Checkerboard Toner Foil + Foil Fusing
Holographic Toner Reactive Foil Fusing Rolls

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Qty/Pack : 1 Roll
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Add a shimmery, vibrant pop to your documents, invitations, business cards, art prints and more with holographic toner adhesion foil rolls. This special document foil will stick to the dry toner that can be found in most standard copiers and laser printers*. Our holograph reactive foil colors offer a shiny finish that adds a special touch to invitations, holiday cards, business cards and so much more. An option of either a silver or transparent underlay is available, so you have the option of having a popular silver foil pattern, or adding a little touch of color by printing your design in a colored toner that will show through, offering a different base tone. This foil can stick to smooth paper stocks of many thicknesses; it does, however, have problems sticking to textured papers. We also offer even more variety with glitter patterns, iridescent shimmering colors, and solid metallic foil rolls.

Note: If you are using a Foil Fusing Machine, please select the 24" x 500' roll size to ensure a 1" core (required for use with the machines). Depending on the width capacity of your machine, you may need to cut the rolls down using the foil roll cutter, or have us custom cut them for you by calling (866)537-2244 (866)537-2244 .

* The adhesive on foil rolls sticks to dry toner only; it will not work with wax based inks from laser printers.







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