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Standard BQ-P60 HM-302 Adhesive (11 lb Bx)

Item #: 05BQP60GLUE

Perfect Binding Adhesive BQ-P60

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Qty/Pack : 1 Box


Standard's new HM-302 Adhesive is a white adhesive that offers a more preferable look when padding. It also runs at a lower temperature and emits less odor than the old P6-1100 Adhesive. The HM-302 Adhesive is compatible with the BQ-P6 Perfect Binder/Padder/Tape Binder as well as the new and improved BQ-P60 Perfect Binder/Padder/Tape Binder. BQ-P60 Padding Glue & Perfect Binding Adhesive is packaged with 11 lbs of adhesive per box.

Perfect Binding Adhesive BQ-P60

Standard BQ-P60 HM-302 Adhesive (11 lb Bx)