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Half Size Poly Binders (Case of 100)


Half size poly binders offer a unique solution for binding mini sheets of paper that measure 8 ½" H x 5 ½" H, also allowing for extra width for half size index tabs. Not only do they come in a large selection of colors, including clear binders and tinted color binders, but the poly that these plastic binders are made from is flexible and extremely durable; it won't tear and can be wiped clean. When you buy 6” half size poly ring binders online, you’ll find a variety of ring sizes to choose from, as well as different poly gauges, meaning the thickness of the material itself. They are a popular choice for schools, churches, museums, travelling groups, and more. Mini poly binders are made-to-order and require a minimum bulk order quantity of 100 binders as well as a production time of about 6-7 business days. For this reason, poly binder orders cannot be cancelled, exchanged or returned.

PRODUCTION TIME: 6-7 business days (made to order)
NOT RETURNABLE: All sales are final.

Starting at: $127.99
Qty/Pack : 100 Pieces

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Capacity Chart

Use the capacity chart below to learn how many sheets a ring binders will hold. Note that ring binders are measured based on the ring size (inside ring diameter) not the spine width; a common misconception. So, for example, a 1" binder will actually have a larger spine, as the ring itself will be 1".

Please note that the sheet capacity listed below is based on standard 20 lb. bond copy paper, and will vary depending on the kind of paper stock you are using, any index tab inserts, etc. For this reason, the most accurate way to find the best ring size for your application is to measure the stack capacity. To do so, let the entire stack of pages lay loose on your table and, without pressing down, measure the thickness. Then use the below chart to determine the recommended ring binder size. If between sizes, we recommend ordering the larger size to make sure pages turn easily and to allow for growth.

Ring SizeBinder DimensionsSheet CapacityStack Capacity
1/2" Round Ring 9 ⅛" H x 6 ⅝" W Covers, 1" W Spine 110 Sheets 1/4" Thick
3/4" Round Ring 9 ⅛" H x 6 ⅞" W Covers, 1 ⅛" W Spine 170 Sheets 7/16" Thick
1" Round Ring 9 ⅛" H x 7 ⅛" W Covers, 1 ⅜" W Spine 225 Sheets 5/8" Thick
1 ½" Round Ring 9 ⅛" H x 7 ¹¹/₁₆" W Covers, 2" W Spine 310 Sheets 1" Thick
2" Round Ring 9 ⅛" H x 8 ⅛" W Covers, 2 ½" W Spine 450 Sheets 1 ½" Thick


Half Size Poly Binder FAQs

Q: Can I buy smaller quantities than 100?
We are able to offer such great pricing because our poly binders are made-to-order in a bulk "lot" of 100 pieces. Unfortunately, we cannot produce smaller quantities at this time.


Q: What does "gauge" mean?
Gauge refers to the thickness of the poly material. Check our photo gallery to the left for a sample of our polyethylene gauges compared with a pencil for scale. Polypropylene gauges are slightly different, but appear the same in photos. As a comparison using 23 gauge poly as an example, it converts to a 0.023 mil or a 0.00023 inch measurement. If you need to see a sample in-person, give us a call at (866)537-2244


Packaged Quantities

Ring Size Qty / Lot
  All Sizes     100 Binders

Product Description


Half size poly binders are made to fit half-size sheets measuring 8 ½" H x 5 ½" W, as well as being a bit wider to allow for index tabs. The poly material they are made from is extremely durable; it won't crack or tear over time and can't be damaged by water, so will last you for years to come. Because of their ability to withstand water without damage, poly binders are a popular choice for hospitals, clean rooms, laboratories, and other locations that need to be able to wipe the binder clean as needed, even using disinfecting wipes and soap. The mini size and flexibility make half size poly plastic binders a popular choice for other industries as well, including churches and travelling groups. The huge selection of colors, popular ring sizes, even several different gauge (thickness) options means we are sure to have just what you need. From basic colors such as black poly binders and white poly binders, to the more vibrant colors, such as red poly binders and blue poly binders in several hues, and even transparent colors such as red tint binders, blue tint binders, and so many more...we have it all! Take a look at our color swatch above for a full list, and consider requesting a sample by calling (866) 537-2244 so you can see it in-person before you buy. In addition to all these wonderful features, our poly plastic binders are made with up to 75% post consumer waste (PCW) and are considered an environmentally friendly product. Pair these mini binders with half size index tabs and sheet protectors for an organized solution. With all these unique aspects, poly ring binders are known as some of the best ring binders on the market.

For the most flexible and cost-friendly option, choose either a 20 gauge polypropylene or 23 gauge polyethylene; these lightweight poly options are most popular with non-profit organizations, churches, schools, and other groups that have a modest budget available. Though thin and flexible, the poly is still a very durable material that won't tear. We also offer 30 gauge polypropylene and 35 gauge polyethylene, which both serve as a perfect middle-ground solution; they are still flexible, but are thicker and offer a bit more stability. These medium weight poly binders are our most popular option, industry-wide. Lastly, we offer a 55 gauge polyethylene binder, which is very thick and sturdy. Though it can still be bent slightly, it is much more rigid than the other options and can't be fully folded by hand without great effort. These durable ring binders are popular for heavy-handling, such as in large corporations and for travelling sales people.

Our poly ring binders are made-to-order and sold in "lots" of 100 binders. The average production time for  these binders is bout 6-7 business days, plus transit time. Because they are made to order, this also means that poly binders are not returnable.

We can also customize our poly binders to meet your special needs! Thicker poly including extremely rigid 75 gauge, custom printing and custom pockets, and even custom sizes are available. Visit our custom binder page for more information or call us at (866) 537-2244 for more information.

Binder Dimensions & Sheet Capacities

Wondering how to measure a 3-ring binders size? For our round ring binders, simply measure the inside ring diameter, not the spine width. So a 1" binder will actually have a larger spine, but the ring itself will be 1" in diameter.

Ring SizeBinder DimensionsSheet Capacity*Stack Capacity*
1/2" Round Ring 9 ⅛" H x 6 ⅝" W Covers
1" W Spine
110 Sheets 1/4" Thick
3/4" Round Ring 9 ⅛" H x 6 ⅞" W Covers
1 ⅛" W Spine
170 Sheets 7/16" Thick
1" Round Ring 9 ⅛" H x 7 ⅛" W Covers
1 ⅜" W Spine
225 Sheets 5/8" Thick
1 ½" Round Ring 9 ⅛" H x 7 ¹¹/₁₆" W Covers
2" W Spine
310 Sheets 1" Thick
2" Round Ring 9 ⅛" H x 8 ⅛" W Covers
2 ½" W Spine
450 Sheets 1 ½" Thick

* Approximation based on standard 20 lb. bond copy paper. May vary depending on paper stock. For the most accurate capacity, measure your entire stack of paper; allow it to lay loose on your table (do not press it down) while you measure.


Manufacturer Crawford Industries
Manufacturer Part Number POLYHALF CFG
Quantity 100 Pieces
Binder Type Poly / Plastic Binders
Sheet Size Half Size [5 ½" W x 8 ½" H]
Wide Enough for Index Tabs Yes
Number of Rings 3-Rings
Ring Spacing 2 ¾" Between Rings [Center to Center]
Ring Shape Round Ring
Capacity Varies Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Clear Overlay Pockets None
Inner Pockets None
Boosters Yes
Rivets Exposed [Silver]
Binder Dimensions [Approximate] Varies Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details

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