20# 3-Hole Punched Paper [2.75" Spacing, Half Size 5.5"Wx8.5"H] (5,000 Sheets)
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20# 3-Hole Punched Paper [2.75" Spacing, Half Size 5.5"Wx8.5"H] (5,000 Sheets)

Item #: 0303H20HL
Brand: Binding101
  • Half size 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" sheets
  • 3 Round holes pre-punched for binders (2.75” Spacing)
  • 20# bond copy stock
  • Holes spaced for perfect compatibility with half size mini ring binders
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With our 3-hole punched half size paper, you no longer have to hassle with single hole punchers and evenly spacing each hole to fit your unique mini binder; they are punched and ready to print/bind straight out of the box! These specially pre-punched pages are 8.5” high and 5.5” wide, which is a half-size letter. They have three holes along the 8.5” edge, spaced 2.75” inches apart (center-to-center) for perfect compatibility with a standard half size clear view binder or half size poly/plastic binder, as well as our half size metal binder mechanisms. Packaged with 5,000 punched pages per box, you can save your wrists and arms from the fatigue, as well as save your mind from the tedious task of punching pages manually and by-hand.


Item #0303H20HL
Manufacturer Part Number0303H20HL
SizeHalf-Letter Size 5.5" W x 8.5" H"
Brightness97 Brightness
Weight / Thickness20# Bond Copy Paper
Hole Punching3 Holes (Round) on 8.5" Edge, 2.75" Spacing
Compatible BindingsHalf Size Clearview Binders
Half Size Poly/Plastic Binders
Half Size Spine Ring Mechanisms
Shipping Weight25 lbs.
Quantity1 Case (5,000 Sheets)


Need to quickly and easily bind half size pages together using a 3-ring mini binder? Look no further than our pre-punched 3-hole paper stock. This standard 20 lb. bond copy paper is conveniently punched with standard three hole spacing for half letter size pages measuring 8.5 inches high on the binding edge, and 5.5 inches wide on the top. Having a case or two of this punched binding paper is a big time saver, as your staff will no longer have to manually punch page after page with this unique hole spacing. Just grab some pre punched mini paper and pop it in your printer, and bind with your binder or method of choosing – that’s it! Fast, simple, no-hassle binding for half size pages.


Our selection of various pre-punched paper provides an excellent option that can drastically speed your binding process. It can help you save on labor costs, protect your operators from the fatigue of tedious punching tasks, and help you meet your job deadlines more efficiently; this paper is ideal for rush jobs that require a fast turnaround!


Key Features:

  • Mini/Half-Size Pages – This unique sheet size is growing in popularity for a huge variety of users; it measures 8.5” H x 5.5” W, which is exactly a half-letter size.
  • 3-Hole Punched – No hassling with manually punching your sheets, these pages are punched with accuracy.
  • Standard Spacing – Compatible with a variety of half size binding solutions that use 2.75” hole spacing.
  • Basic Stock– 20 lb. bond paper weight is the standard stock for use in most copiers and printers; it will pair perfectly with your other sheets.
  • Eliminate Hassle – Punching manually or setting up a machine to punch for a smaller job is a tedious, time-consuming task; pre-punched sheets eliminate that aggravation.
  • Reduce Operator Strain – Punching pages manually for this special sheet size can be a strain on your operators; having the pages pre-punched will eliminate that strain, freeing up their time for other duties.
  • Quick Turnaround – Punched paper is perfect for rush jobs that require a fast delivery.

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