Pressroom Static & Dust Control

Static can be a hassle in the printing and pressroom process, but with our static elimination tools, you can prevent this from becoming an issue. We also offer dust control products to keep prints and films clean, as well as your machinery, all lending to a professionally finished product.

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Static & Dust Control

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  1. KrossTex Heavy Duty Shop Towels (Price per Case)

    • Featuring a cross-lapping process and 3D texture that gives unmatched strength and durability for the utmost scrubbing and cleaning power.
    • Color: Light Blue / White
    • Material: 0.75mm thick (29.5mil) Rayon / Polyester
    • Size: 12.5" x 13.75", 12.5" x 17", 17" x 18.5" or 12.2" x 15.3"

    Starting at: $91.09

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    17" x 18.5" KrossTex Shop Towels (375 Towels [25/pk, 15pk/cs]) Item#26MISKTGA02726MISKTGA027
  2. Dust Off® Junior Compressed Gas Duster Can [3 ½ oz.]

    • The original compressed gas duster.
    • Disposable and features a trigger-style engagement.
    • Handy, compact, and easy to carry and store.
    • Best choice for applications such as cameras, lenses, enlargers, computers, scanners, fax machines, copiers, and much more.


  3. Dust Off® Image Care Kit

    • Keep your home and office equipment free of dust, lint and smudges.
    • Can be used with any computers, scanners, printers, and other pieces of miscellaneous office equipment.
    • Kit includes all of the necessities for cleaning and maintenance.
    • Part Number: 26LIDOFDMDW


3 Items

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