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GBC® Arctic® Vue-Thru Optically Clear Pressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesive Roll (1 Roll)


GBC® Arctic® Vue-Thru pressure sensitive premium mounting adhesive film is a crystal clear adhesive material that is perfect for use on windows, acrylic, plexiglass and other see-through substrates. It is also a great choice for back-lit displays, such as movie posters and store advertisements in shopping malls. The two sided adhesive roll lets you mount prints, posters, graphics, pop displays, and more. Because the adhesive is pressure sensitive, the process is fast and simple, requiring no special equipment...in fact, it can be applied using just your hands or a small brayer hand roller. The adhesive is permanent and acrylic-based which creates a strong bond that will hold tight against wear and peeling, while a smooth finish looks clean and professional. If you want the best mount adhesive when it comes to clarity and overall finished quality, then buy GBC® Arctic® Vue-Thru mounting adhesive online today.

Product Name Price Qty
38" x 300' GBC® Arctic® Vue-Thru Mounting Adhesive (1 Roll) Item#80GBCAVTM38150
51" x 300' GBC® Arctic® Vue-Thru Mounting Adhesive (1 Roll) Item#80GBCAVTM51150

Product Description


GBC® Arctic® Vue-Thru mounting adhesive is a two-sided, permanent, pressure sensitive adhesive that offers optically clear qualities, making it the perfect solution for clear or see-through mounting surfaces, such as windows, glass doors, acrylic, plexiglass, and even back-lit displays. View-thru is a premium-quality mounting adhesive that is a popular choice for restaurants, retail stores, and more. Because it is pressure sensitive, also called cold adhesive, you do not need any special equipment or heat to activate the tack of the adhesive...instead, these rolls offer simple peel-and-stick application that can be done by hand, or by using a hand roller such as the Speedball hard rubber brayer. For the best mounting adhesive for glass, offering the most clarity, buy GBC® Arctic® Vue-Thru pressure sensitive mounting adhesive rolls online.

   • Optically clear, permanent, pressure sensitive adhesive
   • Used for face-mounting graphics to Plexiglas, glass, acrylic, and other similar materials
   • Great for back-lit displays and other second-surface applications
   • Premium adhesive offering best-in-class clarity


Manufacturer GBC
Manufacturer Part Number GBCARCVUETHRU GRP
Quantity 1 Roll
Color Optically Clear
Product Type Adhesive Rolls
Core Size 3" Core
Adhesive Type Permanent
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1

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