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Style 713/2 Gaebel Stainless Steel Line Gauge & Typographic Ruler (18")

Item #: 05LIAHG713218

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These Style 713/2 Gaebel line gauges are 18" long, and feature five units of measure; three on one side, and two on the other. The first side features 6 & 12 pt. up to 108, agate up to 250, and inches up to 18. The other side features metric up to 460 millimeters and points up to 1302. Perfect for printers, typographers, and more, these stainless steel rulers are flexible, corrosion-resistant, and easy to wipe or polish clean. They have a hole at the top that allows for easy hanging and storing. Ready to make measuring easy? Buy the Gaebel style 713/2 stainless steel line gauge online today.

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Qty/Pack : 1 Ruler

Product Description


For a premium stainless steel ruler that is perfect for the printing and typography industries, buy this style 713 Gaebel line gauge online today. The steel is flexible for extra durability and functionality, and is also corrosion-resistant and easily cleaned or polished. These Gaebel rulers have a total of five units of measure on one handy tool, which include:

Gaebel Ruler StyleLength (Inches)Side 1 UOMMeasurement RangeSide 2 UOMMeasurement RangeItem#
  Style 713/2      18"    6 & 12 Pt.     up to 108 Pts.     Metric (mm)     up to 460 mm.    05LIAHG614B12  
  Agate     up to 250 Agate      n/a    n/a  
  Inches     up to 18"     Points     up to 1302 Pts.  

   • Inches (in. / "): Standard unit of measure in the USA.
   • Points (pt.): Used in typography to indicate the size of text, space between lines, and column width and depth. 1 point is equal to 0.013836 inches and is rounded up, when necessary. Typographers may use it in a format of points/leading, for example, ⁷/₁₂ indicating 7 points with a 12 point leading.
   • Agate: Used in typography, an agate is most commonly used  to display statistical data in legal notices and newspapers. It can refer to the height of a line of text or a font that is 5.5 points. Also called a ruby in the UK. Equal to 5.5 typographical points, or about ¹/₁₄" (1.81mm)
   • Metric (millimeter): 
A mm is a unit of length in the metric system that is equal to 0.039"


Item # 05LIAHG713218
Manufacturer Part Number 713/2-18
Quantity 1 Ruler
Size 18"
Material Flexible Stainless Steel
Side 1 Unit(s) of Measure 6 & 12 Pt / Agate / Inches
Side 2 Unit(s) of Measure Metric (mm) / Points
Inches Measurement Range up to 18"
Agate Measurement Range up to 250 Agate
Metric Measurement Range up to 460 mm
Points Measurement Range up to 1302 Points
PT. Measurement Range 6 & 12pt : up to 108
Hanging Hole Yes (1/4")

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