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Full Size PhotoKeep™ View Case Binders for Photos (Box of 6)


Univenture PhotoKeep™ binders offer a durable and archival-safe photo album that completely encases your photo sheets, protecting them to a level that no other photo book can. They are manufactured of 100% polypropylene plastic that is recyclable, very durable, and will never rust. The rings are flexible and have a snap-close feature that won't pinch or mis-align. You can buy full suze PhotoKeep™ view case binders for photos online for your 4" x 6" or 5" x 7" inserts in either black or clear colors. The 4" x 6" option will hold six photos per page, back to back, so there are three on each side. The 5" x 7" sheets will hold four photos per page with two on each side. They all feature a full wrap-around cover sheet that lets you insert a customized cover to label the front, spine, and back of your binder. Use these unique enclosed binders for photographs, collections, and anything else that you want to protect from the elements.

Product Name Price Qty
Full Size PhotoKeep™ Binders [4" x 6" Inserts, Black] (6/Bx)
Full Size PhotoKeep™ Binders [4" x 6" Inserts, Clear] (6/Bx)
Full Size PhotoKeep™ Binders [5" x 7" Inserts, Black] (6/Bx)
Full Size PhotoKeep™ Binders [5" x 7" Inserts, Clear] (6/Bx)

Product Description


PhotoKeep™ Letter Size View Case Binders are a great way to store or display your photograph memories. The inner sheets, outer case and rings are made of heavy duty 100% recyclable polypropylene. The case is fully enclosed and snaps securely to protect the contents; a durable and archival-safe storage case. A full wrap-around overlay allows you to create a customized cover insert for easy personalization. The snap-locking polypropylene rings won't pinch, misalign or rust over time. Two sizes are available to choose from, including a PhotoKeep Binder for 4" x 6" photos and one for 5" x 7" photos.


Manufacturer Univenture, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number PHOTOKEEPBINDFUL GRP
Quantity 6 Pieces
Number of Rings 3-Rings
Capacity 30 Photo Pages (Included)
4" x 6" Holds 6 Photos / Pg
5" x 7" Holds 4 Photos / Pg
Clear Overlay Pockets 1 Wrap-Around Pocket [Front, Spine & Back]
Photo Size 4" x 6", 5" x 7"
Overall Size 10 ½" W x 1" D x 11 ¾" H
Shipping Weight (lbs) 10

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