Foil Fusing Machines

Also called foiling machines, foil fusers are special pieces of equipment that can quickly add foil to your toner printer pages using our thermal reactive foil rolls. They are fast, efficient, and perfect for larger operations that create foiled prints for clients or internal documentation. They are a great choice for turning plain printed pages into gorgeous foiled prints in higher volumes because, once set up, you can continuously feed pages until your job is complete.

Foil fusers are compatible with thermal reactive foils that have a 1" core, which are also 24" wide. If you are using a smaller foil fusing machine, then you may need to cut the width of your roll down to fit the machine with a foil roll cutter.

At Binding101 we have a select variety of thermal foiling machines made by Therm-O-Type, an industry leader in the foil printing industry. No matter which model you choose, you can rest easy knowing you can achieve a top-quality professional foiled finish that is sure to impress your clients. Whether you are a print shop who needs the versatility to make any variety of foiled items for your customers' varying needs, or a large corporation who wants to bring your business card printing in-house and make them pop with some metallic foil, a foil fusing machine is a great way to achieve it.

How to Use a Foiling Machine

While the specific setup and instructions will vary from machine to machine, the basic operation is about the same. These steps are simple and generalized, so we always recommend that you follow your machine's specific instruction manual.

   1. Prepare the foil roll. Depending on your machine, you may need to cut the foil it down to a shorter width.
   2. Setup your machine. This may involve attaching your feed tray, warming it up, setting the speed, as well as installing your roll. A good starting point for speed:heat settings is 20%:80% ratio, then you can adjust up or down, depending on your test sheet.
   3. Use a sturdy cardstock to push the foil into the feed, and wrap it around the rewind.
   4. Turn on the forward switch and run a test sheet through. Inspect it, make any necessary adjustments, and then continue to feed your pages until your foiling job is complete.

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Foil Fusing Machines

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  1. Foil Draw Unwind & Rewind Reels for Therm-O-Type Foil-Tech Manual & Automatic Foil Machines

    • Foil Draw Unwind & Rewind Reels
    • For use with Therm-O-Type Foil-Tech Manual & Automatic Foil Machines
    • Allows a second foil support and rewind shaft to be added
    • Allows for two rolls to be fused in a single pass


  2. Therm-O-Type FT-10 Foil Fuser

    • 12.5" wide maximum paper width
    • Accepts 24 x 500' foil rolls with 1" core
    • Foil unwind and rewind tension adjustment
    • Electronic speed and temperature range controls


  3. Therm-O-Type FT-15 Foil Fuser

    • Variable speed control
    • 14.5" wide feed opening
    • Accepts 24 x 500' foil rolls with 1" core
    • Digital temperature control


  4. Therm-O-Type Manual Foil-Tech Foil Fuser

    • Fast an easy manual foil fusing
    • Features a 14
    • Accepts 24 x 500' foil rolls with 1" core
    • Speed: 1,500 sheets per hour


  5. Therm-O-Type Automatic Foil-Tech Foil Fuser

    • Speed: 1,500 Sheets / Hour [Adjustable]
    • Accomodate sheets up to 14.5" wide by up to 2' long
    • Temperature Range: 0
    • Maximum Roll Length: 2000' L


5 Items

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