FoamWerks WC-2001 V-Groove Cutter Item#05AGLOWC2001
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FoamWerks WC-2001 V-Groove Cutter Item#05AGLOWC2001

Item #: 05AGLOWC2001
Brand: FoamWerks
  • Choose from: Freestyle, Straight/Bevel, V-Groove, or Circle Cutter
  • Cuts foam board up to 1/2" thick
  • Portable & lightweight
  • Great for everyone from crafters to print shops
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Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
FoamWerks™ WB-6020 Freestyle Cutter Item#05AGLOWB602005AGLOWB6020
FoamWerks WC-6010 Straight/Bevel Cutter Item#05AGLOWC601005AGLOWC6010
FoamWerks WA-8001 Circle Cutter Item#05AGLOWA800105AGLOWA8001


Perfect for personal at-home crafters, graphic studios and sign making shops, these LOGAN® FoamWerks™ foam board cutters come in several different styles to meet your versatile cutting needs, including a circle cutter, straight/bevel cutter, v-groove cutter and freestyle cutter. The WA-8001 circle cutter can create perfect circles that range in size from 1" to 6" in diameter with the adjustable blade depth. It has a depth indicator that shows the blade progression for 1/8" to 1/2" board depths and features both an inch and metric ruler. The clear acrylic safety dome ensures the user is protected. The WC-6010 straight/bevel cutter performs the two functions with a simple base rotation, giving you two different cutting abilities with one FoamWerks tool. The blade depth is adjustable so you can get the perfect cut for many thicknesses of boards. The WC-2001 v-groove cutter features a v-shaped blade that will essentially allow you to fold foam board into a 90° angle, great for presentation boards and displays. For the most mobility and versatility in cut, the WB-6020 freestyle cutter has a unique shaped blade that provides a smooth cut in any direction and shape, gliding with your hand through 3/16" thick foam boards. When you use these foam board cutters, it is important to always have a piece of scrap foam board below the surface you are actually cutting. For a portable, lightweight and hand-held foam board cutter, buy the LOGAN® FoamWerks™ foam board cutters online today.


ManufacturerLOGAN® Graphic Products, Inc.
Manufacturer Part NumberFOAMWERKS-GRP
Brand NameFoamWerks™
Operating MethodManual
Can Cut MaterialsFoam Mounting Boards
Capacity*3/16" to 1/2" Thick
Shipping Weight (lbs)1


LOGAN® FoamWerks™ Foamboard Cutters


FoamWerks WC-2001 V-Groove Cutter

Transcript: Video: how to use the FoamWerks™ WC-2001 V-Groove Cutter to create v-shaped cuts from foam and mounting boards, allowing for folding to 90 degrees.
Video: how to use the FoamWerks™ WC-2001 V-Groove Cutter to create v-shaped cuts from foam and mounting boards, allowing for folding to 90 degrees.

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