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If you routinely handle large stacks of paper at work or at home, Binding101 may have the perfect solution to help you produce clean, round holes and save time in the process. We offer a vast selection of cost-effective paper drills that are ideal for binderies, legal offices, print shops, schools, studios, and all types of businesses. We carry single-, double-, and triple-spindle paper drilling machines made by some of the best brands in the print finishing industry, such as Challenge Machinery, Lassco Wizer, SPC, and more. Every paper drill we offer is competitively priced to ensure that you find an affordable solution that can handle a variety of applications.

Paper drilling is beneficial to anyone that has high-volume paper drilling needs because they allow you to drill hundreds of pages all at once. Paper drills also serve as a secure alternative to traditional binding methods, making them an excellent choice for binding loose leaves, promotional brochures, and other materials. Lassco Wizer's Spinnit® drilling machines are available in a full spectrum of sizes, starting with economical desktop models and going up to hydraulic drills. Triple-head machines can drill three holes simultaneously, drastically speeding up the process of paper punching for binders and much more. Single-spindle drills made by Challenge Machinery make great additions to quick print shops, production plants, and everything in between.

In addition to paper drills, we also offer an array of paper drill accessories to help you update your machine. We provide hollow drill bits, drill blocks, punch pads, chip cleaners, handheld drill sharpening tools, wax sticks, and so much more. By choosing us as your go-to equipment supply company, you can always count on having friendly service, fast shipping, and our price-match guarantee. If there is a specific paper drilling machine you have been looking for and you can't find it here, just contact us today to see if we can get it for you at an excellent price. While shopping with us today, our courteous staff is available to help via phone at (866) 537-2244, email at, or live chat. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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  1. Premium Style A Hollow Drill Bits (Spinnit & Challenge Models)

    • Made with top-quality materials.
    • Designed to help minimize friction.
    • 2" or 2 1/2" Long
    • Sizes as small as 3/16" up to as large as 1/2"

    Starting at: $30.00

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  2. Drill Bits & Punch Pads for FP-1B Paper Drill

    • Compatible Equipment: FP-1B Paper Drill Hole Punch
    • Punch pads (sometimes called plastic drill blocks) are sold in a pack of 3, and are very affordable.
    • Drill Bit Sizes: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" or 5/16"
    • Quantity (Drill Bit): 1 Each

    Starting at: $15.00

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  3. Drill Bits & Punch Pads for FP-1XLS Paper Drill

    • Designed for the FP-1XLS Paper Hole Punch Machine
    • Size (Diameter): 1/4", 3/16", 3/8"or 5/16" hole
    • Paper Drills Capacity: 1"
    • Quantity: 1

    Starting at: $11.99

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  4. FP-1B Paper Drill Hole Punch (with 5 Free Accessories)

    • Number of Drill Holes: 1 [Single Spindle]
    • Distance Between Holes: No Limit
    • Hole Set: Depth Guide for 1/4" to 1 1/2"
    • Table Height: 3/4"
  5. FP-1XLS Paper Drill Hole Punch (with 4 Free Accessories)

    • Number of Drill Holes: 1 [Single Spindle]
    • Paper Drills Capacity: 1"
    • Distance Between Holes: 1/4" to 12"
    • Table Size: 14 3/4" W x 9 1/4" D


  6. Teflon Style A Hollow Drill Bits (Spinnit & Challenge Models)

    • Great for larger volumes of drilling needs
    • Offers smooth gliding through your thick stacks of materials
    • Designed to work specifically for the Lassco, Spinnit, and Challenge paper drills and are also compatible with other models
    • 2" or 2 1/2" Long

    Starting at: $42.00

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  7. Drill-Ease Wax Sticks (Pack of 12)

    • Made of a wax based lubricant.
    • Will reduce the amount of friction and heat when drilling through paper and other materials, providing cleaner, smoother, and more accurate cuts.
    • Compatible with all paper drill bits.
    • Quantity: Pack of 12


  8. Drill Blocks (Pack of 12)

    • Act as a base (or cutting block) for the drill bits.
    • Made of a heavy duty, solid wood.
    • Thickness: 3/4"
    • Compatible Equipment: Spinnit EBM-S Drill, Challenge JF Drill, Challenge Handy-Drill


  9. MS-3 Hand Held Drill Sharpener

    • Comfortable wooden handle is easy to hold.
    • Solid carbide sharpening head provides a durable sharpening tool that has been built to last.
    • Inexpensive accessory to help keep your paper drill bits performing and their best.
    • Compatible with all of our Style A 2" and Style A 2 1/2" drill bits.


  10. MBM Model 25 Single Spindle Tabletop Paper Drill

    • Easy-glide table moves on bearings.
    • 5 pre-set patterns available at the turn of a dial
    • Drilling Capacity: 2"
    • Table Size: 18-7/8" x 10"


  11. MS-1 Precision Drill Bit Sharpener

    • Quickly and easily sharpen Style A 2", Style A 2
    • Sharpening head is durable and offers a clean finish, constructed of solid carbide and manufactured in the USA.
    • An optional attachment is available to fit style H bits.
    • Quantity: 1 Piece


  12. Drill Bit 2" Chip Cleaner

    • Clean all styles of hollow drill bits with this three prong drill bit chip cleaner.
    • Built to last and made with a sturdy base & heavy duty posts.
    • Compatible Equipment: Hollow Drill Bits
    • Quantity: 1 Piece


12 Items

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