Manual Paper Drills

The power of a manual paper drill is impressive! Even with the manual action, it is surprising how little effort is required to punch through such thick stacks of sheets. We offer a variety of models from smaller tabletop units to large floor standing machines operated with a foot pedal. Some may have a gliding table that allows for quick motion to punch more holes on the same stack, while some are stationary.

Paper drilling is beneficial to anyone that has high-volume paper drilling needs because they allow you to drill hundreds of pages all at once. Binding101 may have the perfect solution to help you produce clean, round holes and save time in the process. We offer a vast selection of cost-effective paper drills that are ideal for binderies, legal offices, print shops, schools, studios, and all types of businesses. We are partnered with the best brands in the print finishing industry, such as Challenge Machinery, Lassco Wizer, SPC, and more. Every paper drill we offer is competitively priced to ensure that you find an affordable solution that can handle a variety of applications.

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  1. Capacity: Paper Drills 2 ½"
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Capacity: Paper Drills  

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  1. Challenge Handy-Drill Manual 1-Spindle Desktop Paper Drill

    • Hand lever drilling operation
    • Heavy duty metal table.
    • Paper Drills Capacity: 2 1/2"
    • Number of Drill Holes: 1 [Single Spindle]


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