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Akiles Finish-@-Coil M Electric Coil Inserter with Manual Cutter Crimper Pliers


The Akiles Finish-@-Coil M (pronounced finish a coil) is a handy electric desktop coil inserting machine that works with any standard spiral binding plastic coil. Perfect for small to medium offices that bind at least a few books per day, the Finish-@-Coil M will electrically roll the spiral coil into your pre-punched pages with just the tap of a foot pedal. Once completely inserted, simply use the included manual crimper pliers to finish each end of the coil, trimming them down and crimping in to prevent any roll-out. With this spiral binding coil finishing machine, you can quickly and professionally finish any coil notebooks.


Product Description


Whether you are an individual that sells your handmade spiral notebooks online or on Etsy, or you are an office that binds at least a couple of plastic coil books per day, the Akiles Finish-@-Coil M is a fantastic electric coil inserting machine for you. It has an array of features that make it an easy-to-use, efficient spiral binding inserter.

How to Use the Akiles Finish-@-Coil M:
   • Start by determining the best coil size for your book. You can do this by assembling your entire book and placing it into the coil selector guide on the top of the machine. If between sizes, always choose the larger size to allow for easier page turning. Note: If you are not sure what size coil you have, you can hold the coil up to the chart and match it up with the sizes shown. If you need to know the pitch of your coil, you can place it onto the pitch identifier notches on the front (most coils are 4:1 pitch, meaning they have 4 loops/4 holes per inch)
   • Set the rollers to the proper spacing for your coil using the knob on the front until the black roller aligns properly with the chart on the right.
   • Place your stack into the u-shaped channel on top to curve the spine and make inserting the coil through the holes easier.
   • Now roll the coil through the first few punched holes (you will need a punching machine to punch the holes; this is a coil inserter only, and will not punch the holes).
   • Press the foot pedal to turn on the rollers, and hold your coil up to the rollers until it automatically begins to roll the coil through the rest of the holes. Pull the book away when there is about 1" of coil left on each side of the book.
   • Now use the cutter crimper pliers to finish the ends of the coil. Make sure the red dot on the crimper is facing up, place it on the loop nearest the pages, and close them tight to cut and crimp in one-step. Flip the book over and repeat on the other side.

   • Electric inserting rollers / manual crimping
   • Foot pedal operation leaves both hands free to handle your book
   • Included cutter crimper pliers and storage compartment
   • Adjustable roller for different coil diameters
   • U-shaped spine shaper for easier inserting
   • Coil selector and coil determining guides
   • Pitch identifier guide on front of machine
   • Compact design doesn't take up much space

Stop manually rolling the coils through each individual hole; buy the Akiles Finish-@-Coil M online today. It will reduce strain on your hands, and greatly speed up the coil book binding process. Questions? Give us a call at (866)537-2244 (866)537-2244 .


Manufacturer Akiles Products Inc
Manufacturer Part Number Finish-@-Coil M
Suggested User Small Office, Medium Office
Binding Style Spiral Binding / Plastic Coil
Operation: Binding Electric
Included Supplies & Accessories Manual Cutter Crimper Pliers
Diameter Guide
Compatible Supplies & Accessories 4:1 Pitch Spiral Binding Coils
Power Voltage 115V 60Hz
Dimensions 14 ½" W x 10 ½" D x 5 ¾" H
Shipping Dimensions 17" W x 14" D x 10" H
Certifications CE
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited
Punch & Bind Capability No [Binding Only]
Product Weight (lbs) 8
Shipping Weight (lbs) 15.6
Shipping Information Ships via UPS

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