Cold lamination is an excellent choice for businesses that require a quick start up time and an affordable alternative to thermal lamination. Xyron® Pro is home to some of the finest cold laminating technology in the industry, and we proudly offer a selection of their laminating machines, as well as laminator refills and other supplies. Xyron® Pro laminators pair aggressive adhesive with high-pressure rollers, allowing items to be trimmed right to the edge without peeling or lifting. Each laminator applies an even coat of adhesive for full coverage without over-spraying, so your items stay put. Plus, this machinery does not require electricity, so there is no wait time or warm-up needed. Explore our selection today to decide which cold laminator is right for you. Spend $75* and get free standard shipping (click for details).

We offer several of the most popular Xyron® Pro laminators with high-pressure roller systems. The XM1255 comes in a variety of finishes and options, including adhesive, two-sided laminate, and more. This cold laminator will allow for pressure-sensitive lamination up to 11 ¾ inches wide. Simply insert your item into the feed opening and rotate the hand crank to pull it through the machine. This process applies even pressure from start to finish for a consistent and professional impression. As an added benefit, cold lamination means no smells, mess, or warm-up time. This easy-to-use laminator is perfect for comps, presentations, signs, mock-ups, and short-run labels. The XM2500 instantly applies laminate, adhesive, or both to documents up to 25 inches wide without heat or electricity, making it perfect for posters, mock-ups, banners, signs, advertisements, POP displays, and presentation boards. If you need a solution for large-format projects, look no further than the XM4400 with electrically powered rollers.

Xyron® Pro laminators are ideal for home, schools, offices, and much more. Furthermore, Xyron® Pro adhesive and laminate are acid-free and non-toxic, making the process safe for you and the environment. While shopping from our selection, remember to stock up on laminator refills. We offer refills in a variety of styles, including one-sided and two-sided lamination. These rolls come in several widths. When combined with the professional laminator, these pressure sensitive laminating rolls can produce crystal clear finished prints without the use of any heat. The film is acid-free, to prevent degrading your sensitive materials. If you have any questions about our product selection or need help finding a specific item, please contact us today for further assistance.

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    1. XyronPRO XM1255 Laminator Refills

      • Compatible with XyronPRO XM1255 Laminator
      • Choose from laminate or adhesive in many variations
      • Acid-free to protect items without degrading them
      • Easy-to-install cartridges
      • Free Shipping $75+
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    2. XyronPRO XM4400 44" Cold Laminator

      • Professional, wide format pressure sensitive laminating solution
      • Laminates and/or applies adhesive transfer film to items up to 44" wide
      • Uses electrically powered rollers to pull your items through, eliminating the need to manually crank the machine
      • High-pressure, powered rollers creates a professional and clear finished piece


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    2 Items

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