Binding101 is a proud supplier of select X-ACTO® precision cutting knives that service the printing, photo, and finishing industries. Their cutters and office supplies are found in various groups across the board, from schools, studios, homes, offices, packaging and shipping, and so many more. When precise and safe cutting on-demand is needed, X-ACTO is the first choice. They continue to hone their blades and knives out of the highest quality steel while engineering them for maximum sharpness and strength. Generations of crafters, teacher, hobbyists, artists, office professionals, students, and moms have all turned to X-ACTO for the high quality precision tools they need to pursue their livelihoods, indulge their passions and bring projects, creations and memories to life. Whether it's paper, wood, cloth or any other material, X-ACTO knives let you cut through almost anything with precision and ease. After a nearly a century of perfecting our cutting tools, X-ACTO knives stand the test of time and are the #1 precision knives.

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    1. X-ACTO® No.11 #611 Stainless Steel Replacement Blades (100 Pack)

      • Product Type: Blade
      • Stainless steel construction.
      • Compatible with several different X-ACTO brand cutters
      • Quantity: Pack of 100


    2. X-ACTO 692 Blades for SurGrip Utility Knife - 100/Pack

      • Designed for an extended life and maximum performance.
      • Oxidized to preserve the blade's edge and prevents rusting.
      • Feature a thick base and razor sharp edges that are perfect for construction work, home remodeling and other tough tasks.
      • Quantity: 100/Pack


    3. X-ACTO® No.11 #621 Stainless Steel Replacement Blades (100 Pack)

      • Compatible with several different X-ACTO brand cutters.
      • Offering precise cutting of paper, foam boards, and more.
      • Quantity: 100 Blades
      • Part Number: X621, X-ACTO #11


    3 Items

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