Fujipla is a world-renowned brand name for a collection of premium quality laminators, offering exceptional finishing for an enormous variety of media and industries. As a Binding101 partner, we can offer you great laminating machines and roll film supplies direct from the manufacturer, guaranteeing fast delivery, authentic machinery, and assured quality. You can choose from a large selection of some of the best laminators on the market to meet the needs of schools, offices, and print shops of all sizes. Browse the collection below, and feel free to call us at (866)537-2244 if you need help choosing the best option for your professional lamination requirements.
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    1. Rolling Stand with Casters for Fujipla ALM 3230 Laminator

      • Compatible with Fujipla ALM 3230 Laminator
      • Mounted to 4 Rolling Caster Wheels
      • Rolling Stand for Mobility
      • Casters Lock for Stability


    2. Laminate for ALM 3220 / 3222 Auto Laminator

      • Anti-static properties allow for easy post lamination finishing.
      • Digital print compatible - will adhere to offset, ink jet or print engines using waxes or fuser oils.
      • One film covers all print applications.
      • Available in 1.2 mil. nylon 1.5 mil 3.0 mil 5 mil. Gloss and Matte

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    2 Items

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