Fastback Hard Covers

With a Fastback hard covers, binding strips, and a Powis binding machine, you can quickly and efficiently make various professional presentation documents. that are sure to impress With nearly 90 years in the industry, our lifelong partnership with Fastback ensures quality craftsmanship and service for your products for years to come. You can feel confident buying Fastback hardcovers from Binding101. These covers come in many varieties included linen, composition, and a faux suede. Fastback bound books can increase your output over punch-and-bind alternatives 10-fold and beyond. They are also much easier, requiring less time standing at the machine with a simple operation of: place your book with covers on each end into the machine, and then slide in the strip size it tells you to use; that's it! is one of the few Powis Parker dealers who is authorized to sell Fastback products.

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Fastback Hard Covers
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  2. Color Black
  3. Material Suede
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