Coverbind Perfect Bind Adhesive – Premium
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Coverbind Perfect Bind Adhesive – Premium

Brand: Coverbind
  • Compatible with Coverbind CPB1 & CPB2SG Perfect Binders
  • Choose from 5 lb. or 30 lb. Bag of Book Glue
  • Premium Quality EVA Book Adhesive (with food certification*)
  • Strong, Flexible Paperback Binding
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Product Name Item Number Price Qty
5 lb. Bag of Coverbind Premium Perfect Bind Adhesive 05TPCBPB1214
30 lb. Bag of Coverbind Premium Perfect Bind Adhesive 05TPCBPB1214BX


Coverbind’s premium quality perfect binding glue is compatible with the Coverbind CPB1 and CPB2SG perfect binding machines. This specialized binding adhesive was designed to offer an impressively strong bind while keeping the ideal flexibility to allow for long-lasting binding, even with heavy use of the finished book. This book glue is a hot melt binding adhesive that strengthens as it cures. It works with all of the various paper and cover stocks that the compatible systems can handle, making it incredibly versatile. Meets composition requirements of Indirect Food Additives Regulation 21CFR175.105 "Adhesives". Choose from premium glue in a 5 lb. or 30 lb. bag.


Manufacturer Coverbind
Compatible Equipment Coverbind CPB1 Perfect Binding Machine
Coverbind CPB2SG Perfect Binding Machine
Size Choose from 5 lb. bag or 30 lb. bag
Adhesive Premium
Color Premium: Off-White
Running Temperature Premium: 300-360°F
Adhesive Type EVA Hot-Melt
Odor Low-Odor
Viscosity (Approximate) 1850 cps @ 350°F. 2900 cps @ 325°F. 4500 cps @ 300°F. 7500 cps @ 275°F. 13400 cps @ 250°F.
Softening Point (Approximate) 167°F
Form Pellets
Pounds per Gallon (Approximate) 8.1 lbs/gal.
Certifications Meets Composition Requirements of Indirect Food Additives Regulation 21CFR175.105 "Adhesives"
Shipping Method UPS


Make premium paperback documents in your print production house using the Coverbind Premium Perfect Binding Glue and your CPB1 or CPB2SG perfect binders. This hot melt binding adhesive is specially designed to offer a strong and flexible hold, to ensure your paperback bound manuals, novels, and more will stand the test of time. Get the best perfect binding glue with Coverbind.


Key Benefits & Features:

  • Strong Bind – Pages are locked into the spine for premium quality strength that can withstand heavy use.
  • Flexible Finish – Flexibility retention makes page-turning easy and doesn’t harm the integrity of the glue as it moves.
  • Multi-Compatibility – Compatible with all Coverbind Perfect Binding Machines, including the CPB1, CPB2, and CPB2SG.
  • Size Options – Choose from either a small 5 lb. bag or a large 30 lb. box to keep you stocked up for short- and large-run binding jobs.
  • Certifications – Meets Composition Requirements of Indirect Food Additives Regulation 21CFR175.105 "Adhesives"


Precautions: Material is applied hot - appropriate clothing and eye protection should be used. Use adequate ventilation to remove any hot melt fumes or vapors that are generated. Keep containers and premelters covered to avoid contamination. Rotate stock - first in, first out. Do not mix with other adhesives.

Note: The data contained herein are furnished for information only and are believed to be reliable. We cannot assume responsibility for the results obtained by others over whose methods we have no control. It is the user's responsibility to determine suitability for the user's purpose of any production methods mentioned herein and to adopt such precautions as may be advisable for the protection of property and of persons against any hazards that may be involved in the handling and use thereof.

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