Brodart is most well known as a supplier of libraries, offering book repair and book care products to extend the life of soft and hard cover books, text books, novels, etc. They have been in service of the industry for over 70 years, and are the premier name-brand as a result. Their top-quality supplies and their desire to always innovate and meet the changing demands makes BroDart a leader, and Binding101 is proud to be a supplier of their premier products.

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    1. Kapco® Easy Bind® Tyvek® Hinge Repair Tape (Price per Roll)

      • Offers an exclusive 1/8" peel and place centering strip.
      • Size: 1 1/4" W x 100" L
      • Color: White
      • Material: 7 Mil Tyvek Tape


    2. Filmoplast P-90 Plus Document Repair Tape (Price per Roll)

      • Size: 3/4" x 164'
      • Color: Clear
      • Material: Tissue Tape
      • Archival Safe: Yes [pH Neutral 7.5 Rating]


    2 Items

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