Fastbind PUR Glue (2.2 lbs) Item#30FAHOTPUR
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Fastbind PUR Glue (2.2 lbs) Item#30FAHOTPUR

Item #: 30FAHOTPUR
  • Compatible with Fastbind hot melt binding machines
  • Choose from EVA and PUR glue
  • Choose from 3 sizes: 2.2 lbs, 5 lbs, 28.6 lbs
  • Works for binding hard covers, soft covers, and notepads
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Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
Fastbind EVA Glue (5 lbs) Item#30FAHOT5LB30FAHOT5LB
Fastbind EVA Glue (28.6 lbs) Item#30FAHOT28EVA30FAHOT28EVA


When binding hard cover, soft cover, or notepads with your Fastbind binding machines, we recommend you use manufacturer-direct hot melt binding glue to go along with it. We offer both EVA and PUR glue options, so you can choose the best option for your specific applications and machinery. Both glues are granulated into small pellets. EVA glue (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is the traditional option, and has a very fast curing time, for a fast and strong bind. It has been used in the binding industry for many years, and emits very little odor, making it a very safe binding glue. PUR glue (Polyurethane Reactive) is more often used for difficult-to-bind paper stocks and materials, bonding through a chemical reaction. It is becoming more popular and the standard for perfect binding, as it typically requires less glue to bind, and allows for more versatility in the materials being bound. PUR glue is also more flexible than EVA, so allows for a bit more movement without cracking. Both glues are packaged in bags, and are small round pellets. The EVA dries clear, while the PUR is a bit more white.
 EVA GluePUR Glue
Compatible MachinesFastbind Elite
Fastbind Elite XT
Fastbind Secura
Fastbind Pureva XT
Fastbind Pureva XT
Benefits• Fast Cure/Dry Time
• Less Expensive
• Re-Heatable
• Less Expensive Operating Costs   
• No Ventilation Required
• Strongest Bind Possible
• Works with Coated Stock
• And Difficult-to-Bind Paper


Item #FastbindGlue_GRP
Manufacturer Part NumberHOT
Quantity1 Bag [Multiple Bag Qtys Available]
Compatible EquipmentEVA Glue: Fastbind Elite, Fastbind Elite XT, Fastbind Secura, Fastbind Pureva XT
PUR Glue: Fastbind Pureva XT


Fastbind hot melt binding glue is a staple in the book binding industry, and will work great for binding hard cover books, soft cover books (also called perfect bound books), tape-bound books (also called strip bound books), as well as even tear-off notepads. Choose from either EVA glue or PUR glue, both of which have different benefits and restrictions so you can select the best option for your application and machinery being used. Both of the EVA and PUR glues we offers are granulated, small pellets that are easy to dispense into your glue tank so you can add just the right amount of glue for your job, without over-filling. Each glue is only compatible with certain machines, so be sure to check your machine for compatibility before buying.

EVA vs. PUR Glue

Should you buy EVA or PUR? Which type of binding glue is best? Well that will depend on several factors, including your specific applications, the machinery you are using, your shop ventilation, and more. Use our EVA vs. PUR glue comparison chart below to compare some of the most important factors to consider side-by-side, and consider doing even more research to learn more about these binding glue varieties.

 EVA Glue
(Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
PUR Glue
(Polyurethane Reactive)
Compatible MachinesFastbind Elite
Fastbind Elite XT
Fastbind Secura
Fastbind Pureva XT
Fastbind Pureva XT
ApplicationsStandard Paper or Lightly Coated StockHeavy Coated Paper Stocks
Wrong-Direction Grain Stocks
Heavy Ink Covered (Toner & Fuser Oil)
Other Difficult-To-Bind Paper Stocks
Cure TimeImmediateApproximately 24 Hours Before Cut/Trim/Finishing
2-4 Days for Complete Drying
FumesNoneMust be Positively Ventilated Through HEPA Filtration System
Re-UseGlue Tank Can Be Re-Heated /
Left Over Glue Can Be Used Multiple Times
Glue Tank Must Be Cleaned Out After Each Use
Extra Glue Must Be Discarded; Cannot Be Re-Used

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