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James Burn EPX700 Heavy Duty Console Punch

Item #: 04JBEPX700

James Burn EPX700 Heavy Duty Console Punch
James Burn

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Express Die Sharpening Service Available | Binding101


This commercial-level binding punch machine was designed to handle intense workloads with manual feeding, combining automation with flexibility. It will punch a huge variety of materials in many sizes, including paper stocks of all kinds, covers, backboards, plastics, snap-out sets, and much more. This high-performance automatic binding punch offers strength and reliability, as it was manufactured to last for long-term, heavy usage. It features a small footprint for the power it packs, saving you real estate on the shop floor, and can be set up for jobs in just about ___ minutes, with just a 5 minute approximate tool change time between jobs. The EPX700 is compatible with the EX380 15" dies or the the EX610 24" dies, which makes it extremely versatile and unlike any other unit currently on the market. There are a variety of adapter kits that permit inexpensive upgrades and reduced tooling costs for wider format document punching. Plus, the dies can be sharpened with our express die sharpening service.

For more EPX700 features and valuable information about this heavy duty punch machine, check out our full product description below, and be sure to take a look at the specifications and even compare them to other machinery so you can make the best buying decision. If you have any questions, or are ready to speak to our James Burn experts, call (866)537-2244 (866)537-2244 or email info@binding101.com.

James Burn EPX700 Heavy Duty Console Punch

James Burn EPX700 Heavy Duty Console Punch