5:1 (0.200 Pitch) Die for DocuPunch [3.2mm, 64 Round Holes]
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5:1 (0.200 Pitch) Die for DocuPunch [3.2mm, 64 Round Holes]

Item #: 04DOCUPUN51R
Brand: James Burn
  • Compatible with: James Burn DocuPunch PLUS Automatic Punch
  • 5:1 (0.200) Die for DocuPunch [3.2mm, 64 Round Holes]
  • Durable dies for heavy duty use
  • Heavy duty, top-quality manufacturing
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This DocuPunch die offers a 2.5:1 pitch hole pattern with 33 round holes. It is compatible with your James Burn DocuPunch® PLUS Automatic Punch Machine, and can help you create versatile jobs for your diverse client list. These manufacturer-direct OEM punching dies are engineered using the highest quality tool steel to exact specifications. Buy your DocuPunch dies online today. Need your current die sharpened? We also an offer official James Burn Express Die Sharpening service.


Item # 04DOCUPUN51R
Manufacturer James Burn
Manufacturer Item # M99050A
Compatible Equipment James Burn DocuPunch® PLUS Automatic Punch
Die Change Time A Few Seconds
Die Sharpening Available Yes, Express Die Sharpening Service is Available


The James Burn DocuPunch® PLUS Automatic Punch Machine is a versatile, mid-level automatic binding punch that can produce punched books quickly, efficiently, and with no hassle. Keeping multiple punching dies on hand is important for several reasons. For one, it allows you the opportunity to meet the demands of all potential customers by giving you the versatility to offer punching for various binding patterns. It is also a good idea to keep at least two of the same die on-hand, so that when one die is being sharpened or if it is out of commission for some reason, your jobs don't have to be delayed. These OEM manufacturer-direct DocuPunch® dies are made to exact engineering specifications from the highest quality tool steel. You can buy DocuPunch® dies online in many different pattern options

DocuPunch® PLUS Die Key Features
   • Markings on die for common sheet sizes help you properly align for different jobs
   • Hole centering notches to help create perfectly centered holes
   • Made of the highest quality die tooling steel for a durable die and the highest quality punched holes
   • Some individual punching pins can be removed to help prevent half-holes when doing unique sheets sizes
   • Express die sharpening service helps lengthen the life and reduce replacement investments

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Frequent Asked Questions

When would I use the slower cycle speed settings?
Asked by Customer

The slower cycle speed settings are ideal for when you are punching mixed sheets with different paper weights, as well as when punching tabs. The fastest speed setting of 75 cycles per minute means that the DocuPunch® is actually the fastest machine in its class. The ability to slow down the speed to 50 or 60 cycles for different paper stocks and job requirements makes it very versatile.

Answer by Binding101
Can the DocuPunch® Dies be sharpened?
Asked by Customer

Yes! We offer an "express die sharpening service" that involves disassembling the die and sharpening not just the pins, but also the punch plate to ensure the best and longest-lasting results, re-assembling it, and mailing the die back to you. Click here to learn about the express die sharpening service and request sharpening of your DocuPunch® die today.

Answer by Binding101
The paper stock I use has a lot of static charge...will the DocuPunch® work for me?
Asked by Customer

Because this machine has top-sheet feeding and an anti-static brush at the exit, it DOES have the ability to work well with even high-static sheets (such as acetate covers).

Answer by Binding101

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