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Document Binding

As a part of the K12 education system, we know that your schools need to bind a variety of documents, and you need them all to be durable, long-lasting, and inexpensive to fit within your tight budgets. At Binding101, we have put together a collection of the favorite binding machines and binding supplies for K12 schools, including pre-K, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. We accept school purchase orders with an easy submitting process, so you can send in an order and pay later.

Plastic comb binding has been a staple for schools for many years, and the reason why is clear. They are the cheapest binding supply on the market with a box of 100 comb bindings starting at just around $2, they come in a huge selection of colors for coordinating with your brand, they can be custom printed to label the documents, and they are easily cut to size. Plastic spiral coil bindings are also very popular for K12 schools. They are incredibly durable, are flexible enough to actually bounce-back to their original shape after heavy handling, come in many colors (and custom colors), and are easily cut down to size. Thermal binding is something that is growing in popularity for K12 schools, as it creates a very professional and impressive finished look, without a high cost, incredibly quickly, and without the hassle/time involved with punch-and-bind methods like comb or coil. A huge selection of wrap-around covers means you don't have to buy separate covers, and the drop&go feature means you can place your sheets into the cover, place the cover into the machine, and walk away while it binds. Really, it is that simple! Binding is also as quick as 1 second per document, depending on the machine you choose, and you can bind both soft cover and hard cover books for things like yearbooks, reports/goal sheets, athletic achievements, and so much more.

How to Submit a Purchase Order for your School:

   • Email an official school purchase order to info@binding101.com or fax to (800) 440-8669.
   • A valid PO number must be included.
   • To receive an order confirmation and shipping details, please include the email address for the best point of contact on the purchase order. The invoice will also be emailed to this person, unless an additional contact is provided.