DIY Products to Keep You & Your Kids Entertained

DIY Products to Keep You And Your Kids Entertained

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Whether you are an avid, regular crafter, or you're looking to break into the game, our array of DIY "do it yourself" products can help keep your hands and head busy, all while having a great time with your family. As such, we've put together a list of our best-selling products that are used in a home environment. This means they meet several qualifications: they are affordable, they are easy to use, and they can keep you working. Check out just a few of the ways that these products can fit into your home life:

Crafting Ideas for the Whole Family

It is a great idea to spend extra free time crafting and making gifts for your loved ones to help stay connected. Make a cool journal for your artistic sister, or make a "back to our roots" memory book with photos and quotes that remind us all what is most important. Foil some "we miss you cards" and drop them in the mail, or make fun new metallic art prints for your household decor. Whatever you decide, you can find the kinds of small machines and supplies you need right here at Binding101.

Book rings can also be used for fun at-home crafts for the kids, such as using them with beads to make fun bracelets that can be changed out and edited with various colors. Make notebooks or coloring pads that you print at home for the kids Get creative! Several of these items can be used for more than just business purposes... for example, binding rings are a popular choice for organizing household items too. Hold together kitchen utensils and cookie cutters, keep those loose hair ties organized, or hang up your scrubbers in a cabinet so they're out of sight for a neater counter top.

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