Diplomat Metal Spine Thermal Binding Hard Covers (Unibind-Compatible)
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Diplomat Metal Spine Thermal Binding Hard Covers (Unibind-Compatible)

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  • 3mm, 6mm, or 9mm Spine Sizes
  • Binds 10-25, 30-50, or 55-75 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
  • Letter Size, Portrait - 8.5" W x 11" H Sheet Size
  • Compatible with Unibind & other metal-spine activated thermal bind machines

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Achieve a premier look with our Diplomat thermal binding hardcovers. These unique hard covers have an incorporated metal spine that makes them compatible with various metal-activated thermal binding machines, including those manufactured by Unibind. They feature a smooth surface that gives your documents an executive and modern finish that is incredibly visually appealing. They are designed for letter-size, portrait 8.5" W x 11" H pages and available in either a 3mm spine (for 10 to 25 sheets*), 6mm spine ( for 30 to 50 sheets*), or 9mm spine (for 55 to 75 sheets*). These premium thermal covers are perfect for annual reports, board meeting presentations, legal documents, meeting books, thesis statements, contracts, real estate presentations, and more. The stunning black color is professional and clean, easily incorporating into any brand. These Diplomat thermal bind supplies are packaged with 10 covers per box and price competitively. Call us at (866)537-2244 for bulk pricing for large quantities.

Spine SizeSheet Capacity
3mm10-25 Sheets*
6mm30-50 Sheets*
9mm55-75 Sheets*


Manufacturer Item #TERTWRD0CZA10MOD286
Sheet SizeLetter Size 8.5" x 11" Portrait
Spine Size3mm, 6mm, or 9mm
Compatible EquipmentUnibind Thermal Binding Machines
& other conventional thermal binding machines that use metal-spine activation
Quantity10 Covers / Box


With our unique Diplomat thermal binding hardcovers, you can achieve an executive appeal, without breaking the bank. These unique wrap-around thermal bind hardcovers offer that premier finish at a more affordable price point than the competition. They feature a metal spine piece incorporated into the cover, which makes them universally compatible with all thermal binding machines that use a metal spine for activation, including the incredibly popular Unibind thermal binding machines and systems.


These thermalbind hard covers have a smooth black finish that looks stunning once bound, making it an ideal choice for all kinds of presentations and reports, including those with high-value clients and meetings where you want to exude excellence. Just a few of the popular users include real estate agents and brokers, financial institutions, education and schools, corporations, and entrepreneurs/contractors. They use Diplomat hardcovers for a huge variety of uses including (but certainly not limited to) annual reports, board meetings, legal documents, meeting books, thesis statements, contracts, home presentations, and even gifts. They are sleek and professional, and allow for easy editing with a simple re-heat in your compatible thermal binder**. Whatever you decide to use the thermal binding hard covers for, you will be able to achieve the ultimate presentation with our Diplomat thermal binding hard covers from Binding101.


Key Features:

  • Metal spine -- This strong spine guarantees a solid and durable bind.
  • High compatibility -- Not proprietary to any specific machine, these nearly-universal covers can be used in any thermal binding machine that utilized a metal-activation component, which includes Unibind thermal binding machines.
  • Premium finish -- The smooth and sleek black finish of these hard covers exudes excellence.
  • Editable -- Edit the covers ** to easily correct mistakes, or re-use for other presentations.
  • Versatile -- Solid black finish with no decoration makes these covers very versatile for nearly any kind of presentation or report you can think of. Some users even use them for gifts.
  • Various binding capacities -- You can choose from various binding capacities to find the perfect fit for your individual documents. 3mm covers hold between 10-25 sheets*, 6mm covers bind between 30-50 sheets*, and 9mm covers are used for between 55-75 sheets*.
  • Competitive -- We've priced our covers competitively so you can achieve the premium finishing of a hardcover, without breaking the bank. This makes an executive look achievable even by smaller businesses with tighter budgets, which is especially important given today's economy.
  • Bulk discount pricing available -- Give us a call at (866)537-2244 to discuss your bulk purchasing needs.

* Approximation based on 20 lb. bond copy paper; may vary depending on paper stock used. ** Editing is not possible when using Unibind crimping system. Editing can typically be accomplished a couple of times with a strong re-bind, but is not guaranteed as many factors (glue, stuffing, handling, storage, temperatures) play into the editability/strength of covers.

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Can I use these covers the same way that I do my Unibinding UniCover Hard?
Asked by Gabby
Yes, our Diplomat hardcovers are comparable to the Unibind Steel Book / UniCover Hard covers.
Answer by Binding101

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