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Digiglue & iglue® for Sterling Digibinder


Troublesome glues are a thing of the past with the strong, perfect binding glue from Spiel Associates. These perfect binding glues are compatible with the Sterling Digibinder and Digibinder Plus professional perfect binding machines. Digibinder glue supply is available in two options; either Digiglue or iglue®. The Digiglue is the standard hot melt perfect binding adhesive that is used by binderies, commercial printers, on-demand printers, and more for their daily perfect binding needs. It dries clear, and works well with offset, coated, and oil-infused paper stocks, and is packaged in a 5 lb. bag. The Sterling iglue® is an advanced formulation, made to work with all varieties of digital paper, including even water-, oil-, and wax-infused stocks. Iglue® is packaged in a 10 lb. pack, and is known throughout the perfect binding industry as one of the most aggressive hot melt glues available, holding even the toughest materials together for a very strong and professional finished soft-cover book. Customers rave about the unique ability for iglue® to even work with aqueous coated materials, full color gloss coated pages, and more. If you're done struggling with hot melt perfect binding adhesive problems, then buy digiglue or iglue® for your Sterling Digibinder or Digibinder Plus online today.

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Digiglue for Sterling Digibinder [5 lb. Bag] Item#05DIGIGLUE94
iglue® for Sterling Digibinder [10 lb. Pack] Item#05DIGIGLUE1214
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Product Description


If you are exhausted by dealing with sub-bar glues, causing pages to fall out of your soft cover books, and covers to only partially-bind, then consider buying hot melt adhesive for your Sterling Digibinder or Digibinder Plus perfect binding machines instead. They create unheard of strength-of-bind, so your clients and end-users only receive the highest quality and most durable soft cover books. Whether you are a publisher, bindery, commercial printer, or on-demand printer, these perfect binding glues are sure to impress.

Spiel Associates has created two different kinds of perfect binding adhesive to meet the needs of these clients:
   ① Digiglue - A  general purpose adhesive that is used on a day-to-day basis, but still offers superior strength and hold to tough-to-bind materials, including offset printed, coated, and oil-infused paper stocks. Packaged and sold in a 5 lb. bag.
   ② iglue® - A premium adhesive that is used for specialty applications, including especially tough-to-bind materials, such as full coated, full color prints, full bleed ink coverage, and aqueous coated pages. Also binds well to water-based, wax-based, and oil-infused stocks. Iglue® is known throughout the perfect binding industry as the most aggressive adhesive available. Packaged and sold in a 10 lb. pack.

No matter which option you choose, these specially formulated soft cover adhesives will create a bind that will eliminate hassles, and the waste associated with having to re-bind books made with lower quality glues. Troublesome glues are a thing of the past! With the strong, perfect binding glue from Spiel Associates, you can create 100% professional-quality soft cover books.


Manufacturer Spiel Associates, Inc.
Color Clear
Compatible Equipment Spiel Sterling Digibinder Perfect Binding Machine
Spiel Sterling Digibinder Plus Perfect Binding Machine

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