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Adast MS-115 Replacement Blades


Adast MS-115 Replacement Blades

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Adast MS-115 Replacement Blade [Standard Inlay, 51.969" x 9.903" x 0.472"] Item#05JYAM42170
Adast MS-115 Replacement Blade [High Speed Steel, 51.969" x 9.903" x 0.472"] Item#05JYAM42170HS


These Adast Maxima MS-115 blades are available in two different compositions; either standard inlay steel, or high speed steel. The standard inlay blades are made with a 50/50 blend of 1-part standard grade steel and 1-part high-alloy tool steel, offering the perfect blend of strength and a low price. The high speed steel blades are made of a 50/50 blend consisting of 1-part standard grade steel and 1-part high speed steel, which includes 18% T1 German tungsten. HSS blades are fused together in a way that produces an extremely wear-resistant blade that will last 3-5 times longer than conventional blades, on average.

Blades measure 51.969" x 9.903" x 0.472" and can help, not only produce the highest-quality cuts, but also prevent undue wear to your machine. Adast Maxima replacement blades are high quality Diamond Cut® and are made to exceed OEM factory specifications when combined with our Blade Saver® cutting sticks, ensuring precision cuts. We offer a variety of blades not listed here, so please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.