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Itoh Model 115B (JAC-1150) Replacement Blades

Item #: 05JYIT38015HS

Itoh Model 115B (JAC-1150) Replacement Blade

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Qty/Pack : 1 Knife


With replacement blades for your Itoh Model 115B (JAC-1150) cutting machine, you can keep it performing at peak performance to produce the cleanest and most precise cuts. These cutter knives measure 55.51" x 5.91" x 0.54" and feature 29 holes with a W1/2 hole size (2 hanger hole, 6 set screws)*. They are available in a high speed steel (HSS) option that is manufactured for strength, extended blade-life, and precision, composed of a 50/50 blend of high speed steel (that contains tungsten) and standard grade steel. They are Diamond Cut® replacement blades, which are built to actually exceed OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications, meaning they are more durable and longer-lasting. Don't let this happen to you; buy a new Imperial 24" replacement blade online today.

Itoh Model 115B (JAC-1150) Replacement Blade

Itoh Model 115B (JAC-1150) Replacement Blades