Laminate & Plastics

If you primarily cut lamination and other plastics, then one of our best-in-class lamination trimmers could be the perfect fit for your business! These premier cutters achieve perfect accuracy with smooth and clean slices through plastic materials, and much more. The variety of kinds of cutters that can achieve these beautiful results includes rotary style and cutter bars that can handle material as long as 100 or more inches.

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Laminate & Plastics
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  1. RotaTrim Technical Series Rotary Trimmers

    • Sizes: 26", 38", 50", 61", 73", 85", 100"
    • Capacity: 4mm
    • Cuts Through: Many sunstrates (paper, aluminum, canvas, mount board, laminate, foil, and much more
    • Accuracy: 0.002"

    Starting at: $823.50

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    Product Name Item Number Price Qty
    RotaTrim Technical T650 26" Rotary Trimmer 04ROTATEC26
    RotaTrim Technical T950 38" Rotary Trimmer 04ROTATEC38
    RotaTrim Technical T1250 50" Rotary Trimmer 04ROTATEC50
    RotaTrim Technical T1550 61" Rotary Trimmer 04ROTATEC61
    RotaTrim Technical T1850 73" Rotary Trimmer 04ROTATEC73
    RotaTrim Technical T2150 85" Rotary Trimmer 04ROTATEC85
    RotaTrim Technical T2500 100" Rotary Trimmer 04ROTATEC100

1 Item

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