Banner & Canvas Trimmers

Does your business have daily canvas and banner cutting needs? Explore our selection to find a banner trimmer that delivers accurate, crisp, clean results you can count on through a variety of vinyl and other popular banner materials. These best-in-class cutters are manufactured with top quality components to ensure a long-lasting machine with a smooth cut, every time.

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Banner & Canvas

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  1. RotaTrim Professional Series Rotary Trimmers

    • Sizes: 12" - 54"
    • Capacity: 3mm thick
    • Durable enough for all-day, every-day use
    • Designed with the professional photographer in-mind
    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    20" RotaTrim Professional Rotary Trimmer04ROTOM20T
    24" RotaTrim Professional Rotary Trimmer04ROTOM24T
    54" RotaTrim Professional Rotary Trimmer04ROTOM54T
  2. RotaTrim Technical Series Rotary Trimmers

    • Sizes: 26", 38", 50", 61", 73", 85", 100"
    • Capacity: 4mm
    • Cuts Through: Many sunstrates (paper, aluminum, canvas, mount board, laminate, foil, and much more
    • Accuracy: 0.002"
    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    RotaTrim Technical T1850 73" Rotary Trimmer04ROTATEC73
  3. RotaTrim PowerTech Electric Rotary Trimmers

    • Sizes: 26" - 100"
    • Cuts flexible and rigid material up to 3mm thick
    • Self-adjusting cutting head sits on 3 rollers for a smooth glide
    • Perfect for sign shops, photo studios, and more
    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    73" RotaTrim PowerTech 60430 Electric Trimmer04ROTAPT73

3 Items

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