Guillotine Cutters

Binding101 proudly supplies paper handling equipment from only the finest brands in the industry. We offer a full range of document and paper cutting equipment for educators, hobbyists, publishers, and office professionals of all kinds. Guillotine paper cutters are an excellent choice for any stack of paper that requires a clean-cut, professional finish. What sets guillotine cutting equipment apart from other paper trimming solutions is that they consist of a long blade arm and a cutting blade you can use to tackle a variety of paper and cardstock materials. We offer a selection that includes top-of-the-line equipment made by Akiles, Dahle, and other brands.

With a guillotine paper cutter in your office or workshop, you can achieve an even cut every time. Guillotine cutters made by Akiles come in 15-inch or 18-inch cutting lengths. Both kinds of cutting equipment can cut through up to 12 sheets of 20-pound bond copy paper at a time. Each model features a magnetic paper stop back, so you can firmly align your documents prior to cutting. These features lend to helping you achieve a straight and square finish.

Our basic guillotine paper cutter features a magnetic paper stop for proper alignment, a pressing bar to hold the stack in place, and an all-metal base for stability. This affordable cutter works well for small stacks of paper up to 10 sheets of 20-pound bond copy. You can also lock the cutting handle in the down position, so the blade is not exposed. Dahle guillotine cutters are designed specifically for workshops and offices. This heavy-duty cutter has a 15-sheet capacity, a maximum cutting length of 13 3/8 inches, and a safety shield for operators.

A guillotine paper cutter is perfect for professional preparation of a variety of materials, such as paper, plastic, poster board, mat board, foam mounting board, film, tissue, and textiles. If you can’t find the specific model you have been looking for, contact us. Our strong national buying power means that we may be able to get it for you, and at a great price. Our friendly representatives are also here to help you made the most of your budget via live chat. In a hurry? Contact us by calling (866) 537-2244 or emailing us at today.

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Guillotine Cutters
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