15" - 17" Electric Cutters

15" to 17" electric paper cutters are incredibly efficient making them ideal for small businesses, schools, law offices, churches, copy shops, and desktop publishers that have limited workstation space. Most cutting machines come with several safety features to keep your staff protected while in use. Some features include dual push buttons for activation, Plexiglass safety covers, sensors, and key-activated power switches. All components in each electric paper cutter we carry are carefully selected and built to last, so you can focus on expanding your service offering with total confidence. Desktop machine capacities range from 9/10" to 1.5" and speeds range from two to four seconds per cycle.

Achieve a clean-cut and professional finish on greeting cards, postcards, promotional brochures, and so much more by shopping from our electric stack paper cutter collection to find the best unit for your particular set of needs. With the highest quality electric and hydraulic paper cutters available at every price point, we are confident that you can fulfill all your paper finishing needs in one convenient place.

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  1. Challenge Spartan 185SA 17 ½" Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter - Discontinued

    • Operation: Semi-Automatic
    • Speed: 2.6 Seconds/ Cut
    • Size: 17 1/2"
    • Capacity: 3" Thick Stack
  2. Challenge Spartan 185A 17 ½" Automatic Paper Cutter

    • Operation: Automatic
    • Speed: 3.6 Seconds / Cycle
    • Cutting Width: 17-1/2"
    • Cutter Capacity: 3" Thick Stack (About 750 Sheets)


  3. Challenge Spartan 185AEP 17 ½" Automatic Programmable Paper Cutter

    • Generates over 3000 lbs (1,360 kg) of clamping force
    • Heavy-Duty steel, cast iron, and cast aluminum construction gives the cutter "Challenge" durability.
    • Speed: 3.6 Seconds (Clamp & Cut)
    • Cutter Capacity: 3" Thick Stack (About 750 Sheets)


  4. Standard Horizon PC-450 17 ½" Semi-Automatic Electric Cutter

    • Wide maximum cutting width of 17
    • Cutter Capacity: 2 ?" Thick Stack (About 685 Sheets)
    • Speed: 2.8 to 3.3 Seconds / Cycle
    • Paper Clamp with Special Cutouts


4 Items

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