Schneider Senator Paper Cutter Replacement Blades

If you want the highest quality, premium replacement blades for your Schneider Senator paper cutting machine, then Binding101 is the place to buy. No matter which model of cutter you have, we can get you the perfect replacement knife to keep your cutter performing at its peak. Blades are stocked for a variety of Schneider cutter models, including model 92, 106, 115 MC, 132, CS-76, & more. Not only will a new cutter blade create precise and clean cuts for a professional finish, it will also help reduce premature wear to your cutter, as it will reduce the strain and strength it uses to cut through stacks. For the highest quality diamond cut paper cutter knives at great prices, buy new Schneider Senator replacement blades online at Binding101. Call us at (866) 537-2244 if you need help.

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Schneider Senator Replacement Blades

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  1. Schneider Senator Model 92 Replacement Blades

    • Material: Standard Inlay
    • Number of Holes: 27
    • Length: 42.913"
    • Width: 5.197"


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