Manual Corner Rounders

Manual corner rounding machines offer clean and perfectly rounded edged on stacks of paper, plastics, and sign materials with the power of manual operation using a handle. They are great for lower volume or occasional cutting, where a bit of manual work won't fatigue your users. Schools, businesses, organizations, and corporations are just a few of the popular customers who use manual corner rounders for their paper and plastic products, such as business cards, brochures, literature, and more. These desktop models are simple to use, and offer easy die change out so you can use various radii sizes for your various sheet size requirements. Whatever your individual needs, you can find it in our selection of corner rounders that includes top-of-the-line brands like Akiles, Challenge, and Lassco Wizer,

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  1. Lassco Wizer CR-60 Corner Rounder for Metal Signs

    • Heavy duty construction.
    • Fit quickly and easily into the CR-60 Corner Rounder.
    • Will round off the squared corners of metal materials for signs up to about 0.08" half hard aluminum.
    • Size: 1/2", 3/4", 1" or 1-1/2".


  2. Lassco Cornerounder CR-55 Manual Floor Standing Corner Rounder with 1 Double-Sided Die & 2 Blades

    • Has a huge 2" thick stack cutting capacity that is four times as thick as most other corner rounding machines on the market.
    • Activated with a foot pedal, leaving both of your hands free to handle your materials.
    • A large 20" x 20" heavy duty table provides a stable work environment that makes it easy to work with even large materials.
    • Made in the USA.


  3. Lassco Cornerounder CR-50 Manual Floor Standing Corner Rounder with Die

    • Offers fast and convenient rounding of sharp corners of paper and plastics up to about a 1/2" thick stack.
    • With just a press of the foot pedal, you can easily cut through paper, laminate, plastic sheeting and more.
    • Great choice for medium to high-volume production environments.
    • Additional corner cutting dies are also available so you can offer more variety.


  4. Challenge SCM Manual Floor Standing Corner Rounder with Die

    • Premium round cornering unit.
    • Cutting capacity of up to 2" thick.
    • Can handle paper and plastics of any size because of it's open table.
    • Accepts six standard size cutting units ranging in size from 1/8" through 5/8" radius.


4 Items

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