Cutter Replacement Blades

Don't let sloppy cuts or cheap imitation blades leave your finished paper products lacking. Binding101 is the top destination for sharp replacement cutter blades that allow you to easily upgrade your cutting machine and ensure a precise, clean cut every time. Whether you have a manual trimmer, an electric cutter, or a pneumatic cutting machine, we have all your needs covered with our comprehensive selection. We offer a wide variety of paper cutter blades to match machines made by top-of-the-line brands, such as Baumfolder, Challenge Machinery, KeenCut, Standard Horizon, and so much more. Explore our extensive selection today to find premium cutter blades for your electric, manual, or pneumatic cutting machine today.

Having the correct cutting blade is critically important to producing the cleanest and most accurate cuts possible without straining or wearing down your machine. We offer only the highest quality paper cutter blades available, to ensure that you can fulfill all your document finishing needs in one convenient place. Our large selection of replacement cutter blades is categorized by name brand to ensure that you can find the right replacement for your unit. All blades are designed to exceed OEM specifications. We provide a wide variety of cutter blades in several different grades of steel, including standard inlay, high-speed, and much more to suit your particular set of needs.

No matter which kind of cutting machine you own, we can help you get the replacement knife you require and get those cuts back up to speed. We also offer a broad array of replacement blades for discontinued cutters, so you can update your machine and improve your overall production time from start to finish. Spend $75* and get free standard shipping (click for details). While shopping, don't forget to sign up for our email offers. If you need any assistance with finding the right blades for your unit, our courteous staff is here to help. Our representatives are available via phone, email, and live chat for your convenience.

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  2. Compatible Cutters Wohlenberg 185
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Compatible Cutters  
  1. Challenge 265C 1 item
  2. Challenge 305 2 items
  3. Challenge 305XG 1 item
  4. Challenge M 1 item
  5. Challenge MB 1 item
  6. Challenge MC 1 item
  7. Chandler & Price Model 23" BR 2327 Design1 1 item
  8. EBA Multicut 721 1 item
  9. Horizon H1 1 item
  10. Horizon HT70 3-Knife 1 item
  11. Horizon PC-61 1 item
  12. Horizon PC-64 1 item
  13. Lawson Pacemaker II 1 item
  14. Lawson Pacemaker III 1 item
  15. Lawson Wohlenberg Regent 52" A132U 1 item
  16. Lawson Wohlenberg 38F 2 items
  17. Lawson Wohlenberg 44FS100 1 item
  18. Lawson Wohlenberg 44FS50 2 items
  19. Lawson Wohlenberg A43 2 items
  20. Lawson Wohlenberg FM50 2 items
  21. Lawson Wohlenberg Regent 52" A132U 1 item
  22. Lawson Wohlenberg RT343 2 items
  23. MBM Triumph 4700 1 item
  24. MBM Triumph 5210 1 item
  25. MBM Triumph 5221 1 item
  26. MBM Triumph 5222 Digicut 1 item
  27. MBM Triumph 5255 1 item
  28. MBM Triumph 5260 1 item
  29. MBM Triumph 6550 1 item
  30. Perfecta Royal Zenith Seypa 115 1 item
  31. Perfecta Royal Zenith Seypa 115TS 1 item
  32. Perfecta Royal Zenith Seypa 132 1 item
  33. Perfecta Royal Zenith Seypa 92 1 item
  34. Perfecta Royal Zenith Seypa PA115 Quick Change 1 item
  35. Perfecta Royal Zenith Seypa PA92 1 item
  36. Perfecta Royal Zenith Seypa S32 1 item
  37. Perfecta Royal Zenith Seypa S87 1 item
  38. Polar Heidelberg 55 EL 1 item
  39. Polar Heidelberg 71 1 item
  40. Polar Heidelberg 72 CE 1 item
  41. Polar Heidelberg 75 1 item
  42. Polar Heidelberg 78 NMW 1 item
  43. Saber 95 1 item
  44. Schneider Senator 106 1 item
  45. Schneider Senator 115MC 1 item
  46. Schneider Senator 132 1 item
  47. Seybold CFB8 1 item
  48. Seybold Dayton 6ZD-278B 1 item
  49. Seybold Saber Citation-Sixty 1 item
  50. Seybold Saber CKC-220 1 item
  51. Seybold Sixty, Saber, CJ Mill CFF-8A 1 item
  52. Wohlenberg 137F 1 item
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