1/2" Coverbind® Hardcover with Window Thermal Binding Covers [Black] (8 / Box) Item#08CBHCW12BLK
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1/2" Coverbind® Hardcover with Window Thermal Binding Covers [Black] (8 / Box) Item#08CBHCW12BLK

Item #: 08CBHCW12BLK
Brand: Coverbind
  • Made of a high-quality textured linen on the outside, and a matte smooth liner on the inside
  • Wrapped around a durable 1/10" thick chipboard, for a stand-up and sturdy cover display.
  • Window Soze: 5-5/8" x 4-1/4"
  • Compatible with all of the Coverbind thermal binding machines
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Coverbind hardcovers with windows are made of a high-quality textured linen on the outside, and a matte smooth liner on the inside. They are wrapped around a durable 1/10" thick chipboard, for a stand-up and sturdy cover display. These thermal binding covers feature windows that will show you a 5 ⅝" x 4 ¼" portion of your first page, allowing you to customize each individual book for different clients or needs. These thermal binding hard covers are compatible with all of the Coverbind thermal binding machines, and will allow you to bind documents up to 1" thick, or about 240 sheets*, in as little as just 1 second per book*. With Coverbind window hardcovers you can create premium presentations of all kinds, with the ability to "customize" each individual book without having to deal with minimum order requirements or rush fees when outsourcing; now you can do it in-house and save money and time. Buy Coverbind window hardcovers online today. They are packaged with between 4 and 13 books per box, depending on the spine size you choose, and are stocked in either a sleek black, or a professional navy blue. Make your selections below to buy now, or shop our variety of other Coverbind thermal binding covers, which include additional hard covers and soft cover options.


Manufacturer Coverbind USA
Quantity Varies by Size
Compatible Equipment Coverbind Accel Ultra & Ultra+ Thermal Binding Machine
Coverbind Accel Cube Thermal Binding Machine
Coverbind Accel Flex Thermal Binding Machine


These premium Coverbind thermal binding hard covers feature a window cutout that measures 5 ⅝" wide x 4 ¼" high, and allows a portion of your first page to show through. The window is located 2 ⅛" down from the top, and centered left to right, with 1 ⁹/₁₆" on each side of it. This essentially gives you the opportunity to individually customize each book for your specific needs, without having to worry about minimum order runs or outsourcing costs. The material is a textured linen that is wrapped around a 1/10" thick chipboard, available in either black or navy. The inside of the book is a smooth matte liner that pairs perfectly with the linen. Thermal binding hard covers offer the most effective and impressive presentation solution, and because they are so simple to make with your Coverbind thermal binding machine, they are more accessible than ever.

Coverbind hard thermal binding covers are stocked in a letter size for standard 8 ½" x 11" portrait paper stock, and are available in spine sizes from 1/8" to 1", offering a capacity up to 240 sheets of paper*. Check the Coverbind capacity chart below for the individual spine size capacities, or use your Coverbind machine spine size selector to choose the most appropriate size based on your document thickness. If you need a different size, a different color, or would like to customize the covers with a foil stamp, emboss, or other decoration, consider our custom Coverbind covers. These hard covers can also be customized in-house with your own foil stamping and customization machines, if you have them.

Coverbind is unlike any other thermal binding cover brand you have ever used. When we talk to customers about why they switched from thermal binding to punch-and-bind in the past, they often told us that it was because the glue in their thermal machines never held their documents with enough strength. Coverbind has solved that old problem with their unique glue application process, formulation, and the combination of a cotton mesh strengthener within the glue that actually grabs every one of your pages for the strongest hold possible. This mesh is exposed as the heat liquefies the glue, is completely invisible in the finished bind, and also helps ensure your pages are aligned and jogged into a perfect square. In addition to this unique feature, the glue used is an EVA adhesive, which is known as one of the strongest glues on the market for this kind of binding. Plus the glue is placed in strips, and not poured like other brands, which means that there is no possibility that it will seep out of the edges, as well as ensures that every page has an even amount of glue on it. You could even grab a large book by a center sheet and hold it up...the sheet would tear before the pages would fall out of your cover. That is how strong Coverbind thermal binding covers are, and that is why thermal binding is becoming the best way to bind documents and books of all kinds, and across all industries.

Popular Applications

   • Real estate proposals & featured home highlights
   • Premium client presentations, quotes, & proposals
   • School yearbooks
   • Art collections
   • Photobooks
   • Business goals & achievements
   • Monthly, quarterly, & annual reports
   • Thesis presentations
   • Anything else you can think of...the options are endless!

Coverbind Benefits & Advantages

   • Huge variety of thermal binding covers - Coverbind has the widest variety of kinds of wrap-around covers that you can choose from, giving you the versatility you need to meet the demands of every customer. Covers can be customized in-house with your own equipment, or we can customize them for you. We also have Coverbind glue strips that you can use in your own covers so you can achieve the unheard of strength that Coverbind has to offer, without changing your current supply stock.
   • Strongest thermal binding glue - Coverbind is the only brand that uses an EVA adhesive that is the strongest thermal binding glue on the market in their covers.
   • Cotton mesh strip - The addition of a hidden cotton mesh strip within the glue adds even more strength-of-bind. As the unique thermal binding glue liquefies in your machine, the strip is exposed and helps align your sheets by pulling them in tight, and grips them with a hold that can't be beat.
   • Glue is not poured - Because the glue is not poured into the spine of these thermal binding covers, there is no possibility of seeping out when melted. This specially-placed glue strips ensure the glue stays where it is supposed to, and will coat every page evenly, so even those middle pages are held strong.
   • Automated machines - Coverbind is the only thermal binding manufacturer that has produced an automatic machine, and the only one that can achieve the amazing speeds that go along with it.

Coverbind Capacity Chart

Spine SizeSheet Capacity*Quantity / Box
1/8" 15 - 30 Sheets 13 / Box
1/4" 30 - 60 Sheets 11 / Box
3/8" 60 - 90 Sheets 9 / Box
1/2" 90 - 120 Sheets 8 / Box
3/4" 150 - 180 Sheets 5 / Box
1" 180 - 240 Sheets 4 / Box


*May vary depending on paper stock, machine being used, and other factors.

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