Count 26 TPI (96 tooth) Micro Perf Wheel Item#05CMMPW96
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Count 26 TPI (96 tooth) Micro Perf Wheel Item#05CMMPW96

Item #: 05CMMPW96
Brand: Count
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  • Functions: Perforating, Scoring
  • Speed: Up to 26,000 Sheets / Hour
  • Sheet Size: Up to 18" Wide
  • Offers the speed and convenience of a large machine, in a compact design that fits well onto a tabletop
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Count Perfmaster Sprint Perforating & Scoring Machine 04CMPERFMAST
Stand for Perfmaster Sprint Item#04CMPERFSTAND 04CMPERFSTAND
Score Blade for Count Perfmaster Item#05CMSAPP0131 05CMSAPP0131
Count 5 TPI (18 tooth) Perf Wheel Item#05CMSAPP0141 05CMSAPP0141
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When you buy the Count Perfmaster Sprint perforating and scoring machine online, you will find that you can drastically increase the speed of output as compared with many other machines on the market, both manual and electric. It's large capacity of pages as wide as 18" means you have the full capability to do letter, legal and over-sized papers, allowing for much more versatility. Perfect for print shops and and schools that have a high-output need, the Perfmaster offers the speed and convenience of a large machine, in a compact design that fits well onto a tabletop. With this electric perforating and electric scoring machine you can produce finished pieces at speeds up to 26,000 sheets per hour*. The automatic features means all you have to do is set up the machine for your job, turn it on and walk away. This high quality machine has a self-fanning friction feed mechanism that helps to prevent scuffing on pages, while still allowing for continuous feed. Every machine comes standard with a 9-tooth perforation blade and scoring blade. Additional blades, as well as a variety of perforation teeth options, are also available.


Manufacturer Count Machinery
Manufacturer Part Number 04CMPERFMAST GRP
Operation Electric
Included Supplies & Accessories 1 Perforation Blade [9 Perfs / Inch]
1 Scoring Blade
Power Voltage 115 V
Speed Up to 26,000 Sheets / Hour
Dimensions 32" W x 44" D x 44" H
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited
Size 18"
Sheet Size Minimum: 4" x 4"
Maximum: 18" x 20"
Capacity* 1 Sheet
Crease/Perf/Score Type Perforating, Scoring, Scoring & Perforating
Product Weight (lbs) 100
Shipping Weight (lbs) 150
Shipping Information This item ships via Truck (Common Carrier). It is the responsibility of the Consignee (receiver) to remove the product from the truck. If you do not have a loading dock or any other means to lift the freight off the truck and/or you need assistance bringing the product inside of your location please call (866) 537-2244. Click here for full details.


The Perfmaster Sprint, manufactured by Count Machinery, is a quality electric perforating and scoring machine that will automatically grab your pages and pull them through the machine to score or perforate to your command. The self-fanning top friction feed helps prevent scuffing while allowing for continuous feed without stopping, keeping production moving at speeds of up to 26,000 sheets per hour. With a maximum sheet size of up to 18" wide x 20" long, this score and perforation machine is small enough to fit on your desktop (or the optional stand), but powerful enough to handle larger workloads, making it perfect for print shops, churches, schools and other organizations with limited work space.

Easy to set up and use with simple one-button operation speed control, the Count Perfmaster Sprint will feed single sheets, multi-part carbonless forms and coated stock paper with open or glued edges. With the capability for a variety of perforation options from 5 perfs per inch to 185 teeth micro-perfs per inch, you get the versatility you need for a variety of applications. Included with your purchase is one standard 9-tooth perforation blade, as well as one scoring blade. The depth can even be adjusted so you are in control of there on your sheet the perforation or score is applied. Up to four perforation assemblies can be installed in the machine at one time, minimizing change-out requirements.

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